Birth story of baby Quinn

And then a Quinn was born Every woman who has had the honor of giving life to another brand new tiny human being knows: Giving birth is an amazing experience, it can be challenging, it is hard work, it is emotional, empowering, scary, messy, unpredictable, euphoric,...
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◈ With our photograpy and videography we try to show how we experience this world and illustrate that feeling of being close and connected to each other as a family. Nothing fancy, just the four of us, living our lives, going on roadtrips, cuddling on the couch, loving eachother, and keeping our babygirls close to us. Honest, sincere, real images.

Here you can watch our visual stories containing photo series and/or video shoots.

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◈ Met onze fotograpie en videografie proberen we te laten zien hoe wij deze wereld ervaren en hoe wij met ons als gezin in het leven staan. Niets bijzonders, gewoon wij met z’n vijven. Hoe wij ons leven, leven, hoe we reizen, knuffelen op de bank, onvoorwaardelijk van elkaar houdenen en hoe we onze kleine meisjes dicht bij ons houden. Eerlijke, oprechte, echte beelden.

Hier vind je al onze foto en video verhalen, begeleid met een klein beetje tekst!

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Climbing trees and family dynamics

The last couple of months were hectic, getting to know Quinn. Including her in our routines, or better said… making new routines. But now after those first five months, the dust has settled, and we all have got used to our new lives. It is a joy to see these three wonderful brave little girls exploring this world, climbing every tree, jumping from adventure to adventure!

To our babygirl Quinn

We thought we were complete. We thought we were happy and whole as a family. We thought wrong. You filled a void in our hearts we didn’t realize was there. All four of us are totally in love with you, and you are so so so welcome here! From the first time i picked you up, umbilical cord still attached to my body and I instantly knew… i know you. You where always meant to be with us.

Expecting Wild

So lets be honest… from the 38th week in pregnancy I am not the charmyest person around. I only fit my biggest maternity joggers and I can walk (or actually wobble) around for a max of 10 minutes before crashing. And then it hit me… this will probably be the last time ever being pregnant. So we decided to celebrate this moment in this photoshoot.

Carry in style -Carry you home

The baby-carrying way of life. Wherever we go we take our baby with us! No problem, she just hops on our back and she gets te see the world from her private VIP seat. Plus we get all those extra bonus cuddles from her! It's really a livestyle thing. Not having to stay...

Carry in style – Deep Autumn Leaves

Let it goooo let it gooooo. We are feeling a bit like Elsa in this magical Frozen landscape! Often i find myself beleving in fairytales and dancing singing realy loud with my 5 year old daughter. We are enjoying every second of our magical freezing powers before it...

Carry in style – Twilight

December holidays shopping in Amsterdam with dad. Love seeing how safe she feels with him wandering around in that big buzzing city... cars, bikes, shooters, taxis and trams passing buy. So many people, so many faces, so many sounds... so many incentives. Babies...

In to the woods

We are explorers. Only the four of us, four kids. For just a minute alone in the world. Curious and eager to learn the secrets of this forest. New ground to explore... Stopping time. There is no time. There is only now. There is only us. Photography: Jolanda Marti...

Fields of Waterland

This is our home. Stepping out our backdoor and walking in to these fields of waterland. Nothing but fresh air, water and lots of green. Whenever i think of home. This is it. Here, with them. This is all i need. – This blogpost is made in collaboration with  Pinknova...

Carry in style – Karma Twist

Let's go and see the world, Make adventures, discover new ways of living, loving, being... just us... treasuring every moment, every second. Following small streaming rivers, breathing in the fresh air and cuddles all the way downstream. Stay close to me, i will keep...

Any where. Any time. No exceptions.

My baby hungry!? My baby gets a little milk. No exeptions. I'm feeling hurt and judged. And i'm sick of it! She is a baby! She needs to eat too. No i'm not giving her a bottle. The bottle is silver, my own milk is gold, and she deserves gold. Always.  If i'm not...

Is de baby al klaar!? – Is the baby Finished yet?

Watch this video in English! Click here!   Aaahhhggg! Het duurt zo laaanggg! Wachten op iets waar je verschrikkelijk erg naar verlangt is zo er moeilijk! Helemaal als je een 4 jarig meisje bent die op het punt staat een GROTE ZUS te worden! Deze laatste weken van...

Wild & very much pregnant

Hey there babygirl… so, we are “Fullterm”
It’s okey if you want to stay in there a bit longer… just be gentle on my ribs, they are getting a bit sore.

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