Voor we heerlijk wegkruipen in onze Winterslaap modus [+Podcast #01]

Aflevering #01 Van mijn nederlandse Podcast over deze Herfstdagen! Mijn eerste podcast ever! Holy smokes! super leuk en super spannend dit met jullie te delen!


◈ Our HOME is a reflection of the mix of all our characters and our lifestyle. Our house is meant to live in, play, laugh, create, eat, sleep and making precious memories. “Coming home” to us means that there is a place on this earth where we can feel safe, relaxed and happy. A place where our children grow-up and where we can grow old together. A warm cozy home.

We love beautiful objects and furniture. Preferably with a story behind it. We like to surround ourselves with beautiful objects and art that remind us of somewhere we’ve been, the people we love or something that inspires us. Our interior styling could be described as a mix between, Bohemian, Vintage, rural and industrial.

Our GARDEN is where we spend most our time in the summer months, it’s our outdoor living room. We love growing our own food and just surround ourselves with all de different shades of green, the most amazing colorful flowers, berries, and delicious veggies.

As a family with small kids growing up the situation in our family is always shifting and changing. Family dynamics, the development of our kids, and us growing a bit older (and hopefully wiser) every day. Our house and garden reflects this and evaluates… it constantly changes with us.

View here our house and garden updates, special furniture, art, and objects. Follow our DIY and home makeover projects, our tips & tricks, and other Home + Garden related topics that we would like to share with you.

Consciousness, Like mother like daughter +Twinning Lookbook

To have children is for me believing in tomorrow. Planting a garden with them and teaching them to treasure this planet is an essential part of the way we are raising our babies. I went Twinzies with my big girl Miley! Spring is here so a perfect outfit to get out into the garden and enjoy the first rays of sunshine!

Happy Midsummer!

This weekend was the summer solstice and we are feeling it in our bones! Summer is coming! I took all the summer clothing from the back of the closet to the front! Re-discovering all my summer favorites.
The only thing that was lacking was a fresh pair of summer loving specs. So Polette geared me up with some groovy round frames that makes me feel like I’m back in the ’60s

Chopping wood is Therapeutic

Chopping wood is Therapeutic for most men. I guess it’s a primal thing, making lumber to keep fires going has been a ritual for thousands of years.  It’s in our DNA as humans. There is a fascination with creating fire with most men.

Winter garden overview

We collected all Our garden adventures, routines, and preparation for winter and in wintertime. In the wintertime, our garden is in hibernation. We spent most of our time indoors. Now that spring has come we shake up the ground and welcome all the new life that is bursting out of the garden!

Spring lawn care routine

Getting our garden Ready for Summer. The first thing we do is we take care of our lawn. It’s the center of our garden and provides us a colorful bright green carpet on which we can play and relax the whole summer.  I like it when the grass is a bit longer so it can wave in the wind.

VLOG: June 2018 – sunshine and blackberries

Month VLOG june 2018 – Get ready for another monthly overview of 2018
This throwback monthly overview we look back at a month filled with sunshine and day’s in the garden. 

Getting a greener home

Energy friendly home
Living in a small home of only 50 square meters (=538 square feet) is one of the choices we’ve made to be more sustainable as a family. But because this is a home build in 1952, the Insolation was not what we wanted it to be. So in the last couple of years, we made some big steps in improving the insolation of our home.

Bohemian roomtour – Urban Jungle

Eclectic Urban Jungle Take a look in our Bohemian styled home. We have created an urban jungle filled with beautiful plants, macrame, flower wreaths, vintage finds, artwork and carefully selected and...

Slowing Down! – Recap 2018

Time is flying by and everything is going so fast.
Treasure every second! Here is an overview of our treasured memories of the year 2018. We hope you had a great year and a wonderful new years eve.

Happy Christmas and a Merry New year!

Wohooo Happy everything with lots of glitters and such!
Like every year we made our traditional “best wishes video” With a little sparcle!
Upcoming months will be finding glitter everywhere… but it was SO worth it!
Jolanda, Michiel, Miley Haley & Quinn

Thank you for a beautiful summer

Summers like these is is where memories are made. Moments we will treasure forever. Days like this one. Sunshine, friends, and family... all we need! We gathered together to celebrate the...

a vanlifers homebase

    We are #Vanlifers, but we do have a home build of stone and wood with a big yard and a safe garage for our treasured van to seek shelter from the harsh winter climate Holland throws at us. HOME So in Wintertime, we seek shelter in this place we call home. Our home...

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