Happy Christmas and a Merry New year!

Wohooo Happy everything with lots of glitters and such!

Like every year we made our traditional “best wishes video” With a little sparkle!  Upcoming months will be finding glitter everywhere… but it was SO worth it!

Enjoy the holidays!

Jolanda, Michiel, Miley Haley & Quinn

a vanlifers homebase

We are #Vanlifers, but we do have a home build of stone and wood with a big yard and a safe garage for our treasured van to seek shelter from the harsh winter climate Holland throws at us.

So in Wintertime, we seek shelter in this place we call home.
Our home where we hibernate, restore our tiny home on wheels, celebrate the holidays, build a snowman, hike through the frozen fields of Waterland and prepare ourselves for the next summer.

Our home interior reflects who we are as a family. All our 5 characters, hobbies, passions, needs, tastes, experiences and preferences are present in every single space.

Our travels in our beloved van is a huge part of our lives. Those memories belong to the best times of our lives and our hearts just fills up with love and excitement just thinking about all the adventures to come.
So to represent this part of our lives we found this two gorgouse Graphic-art prints that reflect our travels perfectly!

When I saw these two posters from Vissevasse immediately thought of a few of our own photo’s we took years ago that had exactly that feel to it!

We love nature and we really like to take nature into our home. We have a big collection of plants and palms in our home. It turned in quite an addiction… to collect as many beautiful green plants and place them in every room and corner to clean ur air, provide oxygen and make us feel happy!

Our home also feels like a place we can plant our own roots. A place we can grow old in. A place we feel safe and worm. And a place filled with Love, Beauty, and Memories.

Home is where the heart is. My heart is always with my family, so on the road, our home is our van, and when we are not traveling, here is the place we love to stay.

Room tour of our bohemian styled interior

Let’s give you a room tour through our Bohemian/eclectic styled interior Livingroom, Hallway and kitchen.
We love furniture with a story or personal meaning. We like a pretty styled home and interior, but we do have kids with toys… how we combine those two. And we have a lot of plants in our home.
A few words to describe our style: Bohemian, eclectic, Vintage, industrial.

So take a look around and let me know what you think!

We are constantly changing and evolving as individuals and as a family. And so is our home.
We will always keep you updated on re-styled corners and rooms in our home here on Youtube and Instagram.

Music by the utmost inspiring artist: Postcards from Mars
song used in this video: The East – Postcards from Mars
Thanks, Bart! For giving us permission to use this beautiful song in our video!

Some of the Items in our home:
couch & Cabinet behind the couch: http://www.vintagerevival.nl/
wobble: https://www.wobbel.eu/nl/shop/
Air-plants: https://www.airplantshop.nl/
Deer illustration on the wall: http://www.veerillustratie.nl/
Our baby Wraps: http://pinknova.com/

For the most beautiful plants in your urban jungle visit: https://roodenbloem.nl/
For Lovely bohemian interior styling items and inspiration go to https://peacockandpeony.com/

If you have any questions about something you’ve seen in our video or anything else!? Please leave them in the comments below and we will answer all of your questions!

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VLOG: Vanlife season is opened!

MONTH Vlog March 2018

This March in 4 words: Toys, #vanlife, swordfights & Caffeine!!!
It was sooo cold at the beginning of this month! And by the time we reached the end of March 2018 it was obvious spring was knocking on our door! This month we had sword fights, coffee events, wedding fairs, Creative inspiration events, and starting the #Vanlife again!

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Creative life event: https://wildandboho.com/2018/04/10/creative-life-2018/

Spring Fever vs Nesting Urge

Read this blog in English

While we were still in a snowstorm a few weeks ago (with a camera and lamp because of Michiel’s photo experiment), and suddenly spring is here now! Our front yard Magnolia is ready to burst out into a cloud of flowers and the prunus is about to pop into a gigantic pink candyfloss at any moment now. And I immediately get the urge to get out in one of my summer dresses. Offcourse just to run back inside again to grab an extra warm vest and pop into my warm high boots. I should have known, but still every first spring day, every year again the same ritual…

Mom? Can I have a little pool in the garden so I can play!? Obviously, I’m not the only one who’s bad at estimating temperature … “Well, you can play in the bathtub upstairs!?” Fortunately, she was happy with my alternative.

In the garden, our jungle is coming back to life, and like every year I’m feeling the urge to jump in there so I can clear the way for all the new fresh green sprouts that are fighting themselves a way up into the sunshine. It’s just that this time there is this huge thing standing between myself and the ground. There is no way I can reach it. So what to do with all of this Spring fever I’m having and a garden that is as pregnant as I am?

I’m not getting beyond pruning our willow (it’s a beautiful Common Osier). mmm… there’s a lot more to be done to get this garden ready for summer. In the coming days, it will be beautiful weather. 20 degrees they say! Great. And so I start plotting my masterplan of how I will get as many people as possible to exploit and fix my garden. That garden needs (and will be) ready for summer. Before the little one is here! it just has to be!

Nestling in the house is not really the issue with me at the moment. No nesting urges for me! The nesting is just nowhere to be found. Not even feeling the slightest tingle to clean or prep baby stuff. It’s not happening at all. We decided to rebuild our home at 7 weeks away from my due date. The house is a building site with rubble and dust everywhere. Not even one piece of baby clothing is standing ready yet!  And no nesting urges anywhere to be seen. But the garden…no! That garden HAS to be done before she pops out!

I already see myself sitting there. Miley playing in her little pool, Haley playing in the grass, Michiel is picking some apples and next to me on the picnic plaid next to me our new little girl… I’m so looking forward to that!

Oooh … Suddenly it hits me! In the summer months, this garden is our home. That’s where we will be the upcoming months! Offcourse!!! So that’s where my nesting had gone.

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Lentekriebels vs. Nesteldrang

Waar we een aantal weken geleden nog midden in de nacht in een sneeuwstorm buiten stonden met camera en lamp (Michiel’s foto experimentje), is het nu plots lente. Magnolia staat op klappen en de prunus kan elk moment in een roze suikerspin veranderen. En ik krijg meteen de behoefte om in een zomerjurkje de deur uit te stappen. Om vervolgens snel weer naar binnen te rennen voor een extra warme vest erbij te grissen en mijn hoge laarzen aan te schuiven. Had ik kunnen weten, maar toch, elke eerste lentedag weer hetzelfde ritueel.

Mama? Mag ik een badje in de tuin!? Ik ben duidelijk niet de enige die slecht is in het inschatten van temperatuur… je mag boven wel even in bad spelen!? Gelukkig was dat ook goed.

In de tuin komt onze jungle tot leven, en bij mij komen de kriebels om mezelf ertussen te storten zodat ik de weg vrij kan maken voor al het verse groen. Wil het nu alleen zo zijn dat er best wel een buik in de weg zit en ik met geen mogelijkheid de grond kan aanraken… top. Wat moet ik dan met al deze kriebels, en een tuin die net zo zwanger is als ik?

Verder dan de katjes wilg kom ik niet.
Komende dagen wordt het prachtig weer. 20 graden zeggen ze! Mooi. En ik begin mijn plannetje te smeden om zoveel mogelijk hulptroepen te verzamelen om voor mijn zwangere karretje te spannen… die tuin moet en zal zomer-klaar zijn voor die kleine er is.

Nesteldrang in het huis is bij mij niet echt aan de orde. Wij besluiten om te gaan verbouwen op 7 weken van mijn uitgerekende datum. Huis een puinzooi met overal stof. Nog niet 1 rompertje ligt klaar… en geen enkele nestel-kriebel om daar aan te gaan beginnen. Maar die tuin. Die moet klaar zijn voor de boel klapt.

Ik zie mezelf al helemaal zitten. Miley spartelend in een badje, Haley spelend in het gras, Michiel is wat appels aan het plukken en naast mij op het picknickkleed ons nieuwe kleine meisje.

Oooh… het muntje valt. In de zomermaanden is deze tuin is ons thuis. Daar zijn we straks te vinden. Daar is die nesteldrang dus gebleven.

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