My baby hungry!? My baby gets a little milk. No exceptions.

I’m feeling hurt and judged. And I’m sick of it!
She is a baby! She needs to eat too. No, I’m not giving her a bottle just because you feel uncomfortable! My own milk is golden, and she deserves gold. Always.  If I’m not giving her my breast when she needs it, I’m not only taking away her food. I’m breastfeeding her because she is fragile because she needs the antibodies because she needs to grow because she needs her brain to develop because she needs a rest because she needs to eat and drink because she needs to feel safe and nurtured and loved because she needs her mom. And I need her.

People sending us away, or shaming us for breastfeeding in public, is a sign of their own ignorance and twisted backward minds.
In their mind, the only purpose of the breast is sexual. Therefore (partially) seeing them attached to a little baby, is also a sexual act.
That infuriates me. It’s the world upside down. It’s wrong to think like that.
It’s so mean and unfair to force such an ugly opinion on to others.

Breast are attached to our bodies to feed babies.
Of course, I get that they can be sexual too, but only on the right occasion, the right setting.

If you are feeding a baby, you attend to the baby’s fundamental needs and rights. There is absolutely no sexual thing about it.
In fact, a mother feeding her child is sweet, endearing, natural and completely normal.

A mother should never have to feel ashamed to feed her child. Anywhere, anytime, No exceptions.

Text: Jolanda Marti
Photography: Jolanda Marti (selfportrait)

Any where. Any time. No exceptions.

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