NEW!!! Photography & Brand Building Training

Juist! Je hebt het goed gehoord! Ik ga nu na een break van 4 jaar het weer oppikken! Trainingen, workshops geven, en coaching in Fotografie en Brand building.

Waarom? Omdat ik het mis! Ik loop er nu al ruim een jaar mee in de rondte, maar deze zomer tijdens onze roadtrip door europa kon ik er niet meer omheen, ik MOET dit weer gaan doen. Ik vind het zo leuk om iets uit te leggen en de muntjes horen vallen.


◈ Sinds begin 2017 zijn we ook begonnen met vlog posts online te zetten.

Week vlogs:
Zo delen we niet alleen onze “picture perfect” momenten zoals in onze stories en instagram maar geven we jullie af en toe ook een kijkje in ons echte (messy) leven! In onze georganiseerde chaos is geen enkele week hetzelfde.

Special vlogs:
Kortere vlogjes over van alles en nogwat. Dit kan van alles zijn. Zo hebben we een korte serie video’s over Zwangerschap, maar ook losse video’s over over DIY’s, Food, roadtrips, tuin en ons huis.

On this overview you will find Livestyle BLOG + Vlog posts.
These Blogs and Vlog posts are in dutch only. Sorry about that.

Hope you still enjoy our Storie posts and my instagram
those two i can manage in English!

Bathtime goals

When you explore, you tend to get dirty! But that doesn’t mean we necessarily want to get clean… Because whenever we get a bit crunchy of all the playing, we just play some more in the tub!

VIDEO – Getting My MOM Tatoo

So in this video, you will see me getting my first tattoo! 7 Years ago I came up with the idea of putting all my baby’s names on my forearm in one long stretched line.

Getting a greener home

Energy friendly home
Living in a small home of only 50 square meters (=538 square feet) is one of the choices we’ve made to be more sustainable as a family. But because this is a home build in 1952, the Insolation was not what we wanted it to be. So in the last couple of years, we made some big steps in improving the insolation of our home.

Slowing Down! – Recap 2018

Time is flying by and everything is going so fast.
Treasure every second! Here is an overview of our treasured memories of the year 2018. We hope you had a great year and a wonderful new years eve.

A little throwback to ‘Zeeland’

A little throwback to 'Zeeland' In this video we have a little trowback to the time the 5 of us were only 4! We made a little roadtrip to 'Zeeland' in the Netherlands and wandered the fields....

Thank you for a beautiful summer

Summers like these is is where memories are made. Moments we will treasure forever. Days like this one. Sunshine, friends, and family... all we need! We gathered together to celebrate the...

To the Moony and back

  Having small kids, a career, wanting to have a free life and travel a lot, running a household can be a bit much sometimes! Having extreme happy moments, and then the extreme overwhelming exhaustion kicks in! Feeling so tired at the end of every single...

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