How to cut your own curls

How I Cut My Own Curly Hair in this DIY Curly hair routine.

Let me show you how to cut your own curly hair in 4 easy steps in this DIY Hair cut. This is how I Cut My Own Curly Hair at home. And I’ve been using exactly this technique for the last 10 years. You can apply it to all different kind of haircuts.

Cutting your own curls may feel like a scary thing to do, but cutting curly hair is more about sculpting a beautiful form and overall shape into your head of curls than cutting in straight lines. Curly hair doesn’t answer to geometrics. It has its own set of rules. What those rules are is different for every head of curly hair. So getting to know your unique and one of a kind curls is key.
Look at your hair, study the curls… Which way do they twist, are they big or small curls? Curls can be different for every section of your head.

For example, in my case, I’ve noticed that the curls in the under layers of my hair are much stronger and smaller than the top part of my hair.

So when cutting your own curly hair you should adapt to your unique situation. To be able to do that, you start with dry hair! This is sooo important. When your hair is wet you won’t be able to see what you are doing and you will end up with hair that is too short or with a strange shape!

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So start with dry hair!

Step 1:

Look. Look and analyze how your curls are falling. And decide which ones to cut, one by one.

Step 2:

Twist – Once you decided witch curl must go shorter you twist the curl around your finger and hold.

Step 3:

Cut – Get your scissors and cut your curl in a downward movement. Never cut your curls off straight! It will look very unnatural

Repeat step 1-3 until you are happy with the shape.

Step 4: Brush & Finetune – Pull all the curls apart by brushing it. That way your curly hair will form a fuzzy mass where hairs that are too long will stick our and will be more noticeable. Also, the shape of the cut will come out more. This way you can finetune your cut until you are happy with the form.

A few of the haircuts I cut myself over the last 10 years

That’s it!

After cutting it you can wash, dry and style it according to your own personal curly hair routine as usual.

Check out the video to see how I Cut My Own Curly Hair, and watch me  demonstrate this technique to give your curly hair the best haircut ever. 

  Jolanda, Michiel,
Miley Haley & Quinn

VLOG: Vanlife season is opened!

MONTH Vlog March 2018

This March in 4 words: Toys, #vanlife, swordfights & Caffeine!!!
It was sooo cold at the beginning of this month! And by the time we reached the end of March 2018 it was obvious spring was knocking on our door! This month we had sword fights, coffee events, wedding fairs, Creative inspiration events, and starting the #Vanlife again!

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe, at the time of uploading this video we have 79 subscribers! Let’s see if we finally can reach that 100!!!

Creative life event:

Creative life 2018

We went “where the Creative things are” at the Creative Life Event.
And we sure got ourselves a big dose of creativity and inspiration!
From the moment we stepped in, until the moment we had to leave we were talking to amazingly talented people and getting so many ideas and tips from everyone.

Sadly our little baby Quinn suddenly got a high fever and was burning up the poor thing! So we just had to leave.
We sure wish we could have stayed much longer to participate in some workshops or attend a seminar… But the baby always goes first.
Hey, that’s #Momlife No worries… next year I will be there for sure to make up for lost time! Already looking forward to Creative Life 2019!

So for everyone who likes to be creative, get inspired and like to meet other creatives… I highly recommend this event! We loved it!

Watch our recap video to see how it was and who we’ve met.

Featured in this video:


About the Vlog:
Here I collect all our adventures of our family in photo and video stories. With our photography and videography, we try to show how we experience this world and illustrate that feeling of being close and connected to each other as a family. Nothing fancy, just the five of us, living our lives, going on road trips, cuddling on the couch, loving each other, and keeping our baby girls close to us. Honest, sincere, real images. Take a look into our lives and feel free to leave a comment Love, Jolanda

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Making art with our kids!

I am really proud of Michiel for making this video and going outside his comfort zone and doing a voiceover for the very first time!
He really wanted to participate with contributing to this blog and start making videos and blog posts. And I am so excited he is actually making a big effort to take part! So here the first of hopefully many blog and video posts from Michiel, to show you guys the dad’s perspective in our lives!

But as usual with firsts, the insecurity kicks in… and I hear him asking me  “Jolanda tell me hounestly, is it good enough!? it’s not isn’t it…”
Well, I definitely think its good enough!!! It’s honest, sincere, from the heart and real. Especially when you know that it’s the first time he had done a voiceover, which made him completely awkward. So I give him extra Bonus points for daring to push beyond his comfort zone and being open and vulnerable. That’s why I love this man.

What do you guys think!? Want to see more of his content on the site and witness him getting more comfortable with sharing his thoughts with you guys!?

Michiel about the video:
Watch our 7-year-old daughter Miley making art!
With this portrait of my daughter Miley I draw I wasn’t sure what to do with the colors, so I drew the lines and hung it on the wall for a good 6 months if not longer. Until Miley came up with the idea of giving it some color herself! I only had to tell her ones and she picked it up so fast. She loved working together with me creating this painting together and the end result could not have been any better.


3 Geboorte aftel kalenders! DIY VLOG!

To my English readers:
This blogpost and vlog are in dutch only. Sorry about that…
It’s it’s an old post from back when i only posted in dutch.

Tadaaa, hier is weer een zwangerschapsvlog #02! leuk dat je kijkt!
Deze week: Een DIY Vlog! Ik maak drie verschillende Geboorte aftel kalenders waarmee je samen met je kindjes (of gewoon voor jezelf) kunt aftellen vanaf week 37 naar de mogelijke geboorte datum van jullie nieuwe baby!

Bekijk hierboven de video!

Iedere dinsdag avond staat een nieuwe vlog voor je klaar!
Neem een kijkje in ons leven en laat gerust een reactie achter of stel je vraag dan beantwoorden we deze natuurlijk zo snel we kunnen! Niets missen? Abonneer je dan snel op ons kanaal en blij op de hoogte! Stel je vraag en ik doe mijn best zo snel mogelijk te antwoorden.

Bekijk hieronder nog eens rustig alle DIY stappen van het maken van de aftel kalenders, of download gratis de uitprintbare geboorte aftel kalender, geschikt voor A3 of A4 papier! Printen en klaar!

Liefs, Jolanda



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