Voor we heerlijk wegkruipen in onze Winterslaap modus [+Podcast #01]

Voor we heerlijk wegkruipen in onze Winterslaap modus



De lente voelt alsof je plotseling omhoog springt en een lange aanloop neemt voordat je een diepe duik maakt vol verwachting in de warme en wilde zomerdagen. Spetterend om je heen in de zonnestralen, rennen, springen van pure vreugde en speelsheid! Tot we buiten adem zijn. Compleet tevreden en herladen en we ons laten zinken in de naderende gezelligheid … frisse lucht, vallende bladeren, regendruppels op ons vensterglas. De meest verbazingwekkende kleuren en we zijn klaar om los te laten, naar binnen te duiken en ons gekoesterd en veilig te voelen.Gezellig bij warme, zachte dekens, warme chocolademelk, sneeuwvlokken die onze huid raken, vlammen dansen in de haard. De winter is onze cocon. En we overwinteren. Voordat de geur van de lente ons weer wakker maakt en we omhoog springen …

Voor de Winterslaap

We zorgen ervoor dat we genieten van de laatste warme zonnestralen en absorberen het allemaal op. We brachten onze warme vesten en een picknick met ons mee.

Springen, klimmen en spelen in het bos. Het herinnerde me aan de tijd dat we een paar maanden geleden gingen picknicken. We stonden aan het begin van het “buiten” seizoen, we wisten niet wat de zomer zou brengen, en nu kijken we terug op een geweldige lente en zomer en maken we ons op voor de “koude en gezellige” dagen. In het voorjaar zag het hele bos er anders uit, rook het anders, voelde het anders aan toen onze voeten de grond raakten. Dit jaar is het de eerste keer dat we ‘Minimal’ schoenen dragen en het heeft onze loopervaring voor altijd veranderd. Er is geen weg terug. En rennen en springen door het bos is het fijnst op onze minimal schoenen van Wildling!

Next up: Winter

We zijn er klaar voor! kom maar op met de ijzige temperaturen en warme truien!

In de tussentijd zullen we een nieuwe “Groene” houtkachel in ons huis installeren om warm te blijven, en misschien een beetje een huis renovatie op onze begane grond doen dit najaar. We houden je op de hoogte!

Jolanda, Michiel
Miley, Haley & Quinn

    We love Wildling shoes

    Wildling shoes  hebben ons hele gezin uitgerust met hun ‘Minimal’ wintercollectie schoenen en we zijn er dol op!

    Het heerlijke gevoel om op blote voeten door het bos te rennen en te klimmen terwijl je veilig bent tegen ruwe ondergronds en scherpe voorwerpen is geweldig!

    Terwijl je op blote voeten of met Minimale schoenen, het voelt niet alleen geweldig. Het is eigenlijk ook echt gezond! De reden waarom is hier heel goed uitgelegd door:

    1- Linde Logtenberg op haar Instagram hier!

    2- of in deze video door Teck Insider

    We willen onze partner Wildling bedanken voor het ondersteunen van ons blog. Onze partners maken het mogelijk voor ons om onze video’s, vlogs en blogs kunnen blijven produceren. Vanwege dit soort samenwerkingsverbanden kunnen we doen waar we het meest van houden:  Creatief zijn en onze verhalen, kennis en afbeeldingen met jullie delen!

    bekijk alle andere foto’s uit deze serie:

    [PILOT] PODCAST #01 Voor we in Winterslaap modus gaan...

    by Jolanda Marti | Wild & BOHO - podcast

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    Consciousness, Like mother like daughter +Twinning Lookbook

    “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

    ~Audrey Hepburn

    To have children is for me believing in tomorrow. Planting a garden with them and teaching them to treasure this planet is an essential part of the way we are raising our babies. We must protect what is left of nature and try and stabilize the unbalance we are creating as human beings.

    Making as many conscious choices as you can possibly make in your unique situation.
    From using las plastic and package materials to recycle your waste.
    From buying your clothes at your local thrift shop to buying conscious fashion brands. From growing your own food to supporting local farmers.

    Lead by example. Like mother like daughter…

    Minimalizing our carbon footprint and sometimes spreading a handful of wildflower seeds on to a patch of dirt. To see it turn in to the most beautiful flower field in a few weeks time. The bees will thank you for it by keeping our fragile ecosystem stable. And our children will have a better chance of having a carefree future on this beautiful planet.

    How do you contribute to the awareness of conscious decisions in your children? Maybe you have inspiring ideas I would love to hear!
    Tell me in the comments on instagram!

    Jolanda, Michiel
    Miley, Haley & Quinn

      We love Bobo choses

      Bobo choses,  a Spanish brand has the most gorgeous collections of fair susnainable fashion.

      We are in love with their spring-summer collection “to plant a garden” and we feel like the spirit and attitude of the collection is capturing what we and a lot of parents around us are feeling. Let’s care for our kids, lets care for this planet. And let’s look awesome while doing it!

      Bob choses send us our matching mother-daughter jumpsuits and clogs! So much love for these fun and happy outfits!

      Lookbook TWINNING with Miley

      I went Twinzies with my big girl Miley!
      Spring is here so a perfect outfit to get out into the garden and enjoy the first rays of sunshine!

      We want to thank Bobo choses and Polette eyewear for our Mother and daughter twinning outfits! We are loving it!

        We love Polette

        Polette send me the same pair of glasses that we already had bought for my daughter. This way we can twin!

        Polette has beautiful frames and doesn’t pre-produce the frames. Every time someone orders a frame and lenses it is completely produced on demand. This way there is no wasteful overproduction of their collection.

        The frames and lenses are manufactured in their own factory in China by trained optical professionals.

        Their friendly priced prescription glasses are making quality glasses available for everyone. And in a household with 3 glasses-wairing individuals (from-wich 2 kids) we are really happy that with their frames we can afford it to get everyone the high-quality prescription-eyeglasses we need, without having to completely empty all our piggy-banks.

        SHOP the LOOK

        SHOP the LOOK

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        Consciousness, Like mother like daughter +Twinning Lookbook



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        Throwback to my old model-portfolio!

        Wayyyy back to the time when…


        …I was studying and I did some modeling!

        I studied Multi-Media Design and Audio Visual Design in Amsterdam, as well as the introduction year of the Art Academy (Rietveld Academie) to become a filmmaker. And on the side, I did some modeling.

        I selected a couple of the photo’s from my old portfolio to share with you guys!
        This is the 10 to 17 -year younger me.

        If you already have a low self-image, don’t start with modeling.

        It was exciting, and a lot of the time a harsh world. But it definitely made me more confident and let me have a more positive self-image. Because in modeling, there are lots of people judging you purely on your appearance. And, and  Maybe it sounds crazy, but to me when you hear someone say to you, “ah… you would be the perfect model if you would be taller and have a nose job” WTF It sounds so extremely over-the-top harsh and completely ridiculous, that it made me care less about what others think!

        I had my two feet on the ground. I just felt that almost everyone in the business was just putting up an act of some-kind, fitting in, and most of the time extremely insecure and frustrated themselves. I could see through the charade, so it didn’t affect me at all.

        Being a model means having to deal with lots of rejections, before getting a YES on a job.
        And even though I could handle the people the comments and the attitudes, but the rejections were not much fun at all. But that made the chase only that much more fun, and a WIN that much sweeter!

        Getting Inspired
        Not everyone is horrible! All dough may look and sound that way, not everyone is horribly unstable and mean… Some of my best friends today are people I met in the field! There are lots of agencies, model colleagues, stylists, makeup and hair stylists, and other people on the set that are just amazingly talented, creative, nice and inspiring to be working with!

        Modeling changed my life

        Now looking back, this modeling totally formed me and led me to the place I am today.
        At the end of the day, I did invest way more time and energy on castings, test shoots and portfolio viewings than I made money to compensate me for it. But I think I got something way more value out of it. The experiences along the road of my modeling career made me the person I am today.

        These are the main  life lessons are the things I’ve learned along the way:

        People knowledge. Recognizing someone who is insecure and therefore acting a bit tough, braggy and mean. And not feel threatened by it. It’s ok. We all have struggles I guess.
        -SOMEONE will Always find you ugly! But someone will always find you beautiful! (Aside from the obvious fact that true beauty comes from within and all that… but we are talking modeling biz here, so we go no deeper than the outer layer here.)
        -Not giving up. Yes, you grow a strong backbone by so much rejection, but success is only a matter of time!
        Self-confidence, it has to come from within yourself, not by validation of others.
        Learning on set, And last but not least: I think that having experience in standing in front of the camera definitely helped me in becoming a better photographer and filmmaker. The compositions, and base camera and lightning techniques of shooting images and production basics in the field.


        Sometimes once in a while, there are still little commercial gigs I do. Mostly I get typecast as “the mom” to do a shoot with one of my babies. But mostly we shoot our own stuff for our blog and Instagram for brands. So that’s a kind of commercial “lifestyle” modeling too I guess.


        Did you know that:

        – I am only 5.2 feet tall! (huge disadvantage for a model, I only did beauty, lifestyle, and commercial.

        – Being highly emphatic made it easier to feel that all the superficial bitchyness was just an “attitude” and a charade, some sort of coping mechanism. Underneath it all they all where good people struggling with lots of insecurities. 

        – As a model, you get to work and meet and be inspired by lots and lots of cool creative and very nice people too!!! 

        – I look different through a lens… I may look better on camera than in real life I guess hahaha Once a photographer didn’t reckonize me, but looking through the lens of his camera he said: “aaaah YES now I see you!”  XD

        – I started modeling when I was 15 years old, I got a lot less active at the age of 21 as I started my professional career as a Motion graphic designer and presenter for a dutch tv show (that’s a whole other story).

        I treasure the pictures from all the shoots I did. So lovely to look back on!

        – I never ever starved myself, Ate enough and didn’t over-exhausted myself with working out.

        I never spend money on photoshoots or paying an agency! Especially the last one is a big NO they should invest in you if they believe in you.

        -I did invest a LOT of time in my portfolio, Collaborating with lots of photographers, stylist, and makeup artists!

        – I know nothing of how things in the modeling business are now in 2019.  This is my experience of 15 years ago.

        -Most of these photos are in Tiny little resolution! So sad I don’t have the high-res files anymore! I think I’m going to contact the photographers, maybe I can still get them from their archives! (I really hope so!)

        I never earned LOTS of money with it! I lived with my parents and went to school! This was just a fun side job. 


        I guess I combined my skills from my education and my experience in modeling. So there you go! My experience in standing in Front of the camera started right here and led me right to where I am today.

        Scroll all the way down to see more photo’s from my old portfolio!


        Thanks for reading along and if you have any questions, ask me on my Instagram, because I live there hahaha:  https://www.instagram.com/wildandboho/ 

        Jolanda Marti

        Blogpost written by: Jolanda Marti


        Photography in my portfolio selection on this page  is by:

        -Nicole patricia malina
        -Hanneke van Leeuwen
        -Michel zoeter
        -Rob l. roos
        -Martin wieldraaijer

        -Wouter keuris
        -Jacomijn Lyppens
        -Jan Stijnman
        -Richard bakker
        -Robert Hart

        The copyright of these photos is from the photographer who created the photo.

        Don’t copy, use or publish any of these photos without their explicit permission! Want to know more info about a photo, just ask me, I will direct you to the right photographer.

        I’m so so grateful for these amazing artist I got to work with!

        If I’m forgetting a name (and I am, but I can’t find the names anywhere anymore aaarggg it’s killing me!)
        or if anny info is wrong, please please please let me know!!! I Will ad it to the list! I don’t remember everything from 15 years ago! I wish I did do…  Let me know by sending me an email or a dm in my insta!

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        Throwback to my old model-portfolio!



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        Run wild my child

        Run wild my child

        We love to prepare a picknick basket and go out in the woods. Driving to the woods we are hearing all the “where are we going”-’s and “are we there yet”-’s and ” I don’t want to go to the wood”-’s of the world. Yes, our kids are like all the other kids in the world. But once we are there all of that is forgotten and off they go. Climbing trees collecting treasures and building castles.

        We hike for a bit. Find a nice place to lay down a plaid and our stuff as a “home-base”. Chilling and eating and playing around in the shade of the trees. We spot dears, hear the songs the birds are singing to us, the wind blowing through the trees and our wildling cubs howling to the beat of the forest.

        Little feet are making a wonderful crunchy sound as they touch the layered floor of the forest. Every step feels different, little sticks, rocks, bones, grass, and mosses are all hiding under a think mixed layer of old crispy and fresh soft fallen leaves. Making every step an exciting surprise. Walking on barefoot shoes is making our exploration feel natural to the touch and safe against rough undergrounds and sharp objects at the same time.

        All things we normally tend to worry about seeming small and insignificant. No to-do lists, bills to pay, work to do, places to be. Because this is all that matters, this is all we need. Each other and nature. This feels like freedom. Pure happiness.

        We are rich when we leave to go home. Our bounty: A scraped knee, two feathers, seven stones, four leaves, improved tree climbing skills, twelve-spotted dears, hundred stories, and five fully charged inspiration batteries.

        On our way back home our little Quinn falls asleep in the car, Haley is quietly looking out the window and Miley asking us ” this was fun! When can we go back!?”

        As soon as possible my little wildling.

        Jolanda, Michiel
        Miley, Haley & Quinn

          We love Wildling shoes


           Wildling shoes geared our whole family up with their barefoot shoes and we are loving it! 

          The wonderful feeling of running and climbing barefoot through the forest while being safe against rough undergrounds and sharp objects is amazing! 

          Walking around barefoot or with barefoot schoe, wair doesn’t just feel great. It’s actually really healthy too! The reason why is very well explained here:
          1- In Duch by Linde Logtenberg on her Instagram here!
          2- or in this video by Teck Insider

          We want to thank our partner Wildling shoes  for supporting us and making it possible for us to keep producing our video’s, vlogs and blogs. It’s because of these kind partnerships we get to do what we love most:
          Being creative and sharing our stories and Images!

          Run wild my child



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          Living with Syndrome of Raynaud

          Afraid of what might happen


          Coping Syndrome of Raynaud and tips on preventing an episode.

          Whenever the temperatures get low. I will start wrapping myself in.
          Whenever I step into a place that has air conditioning on, I shrink in.

          Whenever there is a brisk breeze… I cover my ears.
          Whenever I feel overwhelmed and tired, I wrap myself in a blanket to keep warm.

          Afraid of what might happen. Afraid of my fingers, my toes, my ears, and my face turning in to numb white-yellow paralyzed lumps. Losing all fine-motor skills and not being able to move those areas of my body. The area’s around the temporarily affected body parts feel cramped. And it hurts. When I return into space with a stable temperature and something warm to start up my blood flow again the color and life starts to flow back into my feet again.

          “I remember when I was a small child I would try and hide in the classroom”

          I practically never talk about this to anyone. because it’s not a big deal to me. For me, it’s the most normal thing in the world. I remember when I was a small child I would try and hide in the classroom, trying to skip play-time in the schoolyard. I preferred to stay inside in winter time. I preferred to not go through the whole process of another episode again and again.

          The only other person who had the same reaction to the cold is one of my best friends. And she told me she had googled it and that it might be Syndrome of Raynaud.
          I thought, Nah, what are the odds of us both having this same thing. I probably just get cold easily and am “being a pussy about it” (such a Dutch way of thinking). So I never dug into it.

          Years later I talked to my yoga teacher Ingvild at Yogaways about it. The topic came up because I tend to get really cold feet and lose all feeling and sense in my toes during yoga (which is something you do barefoot) Especially while doing yoga outside and it’s not a shimmering 25°C outside (or there is a cold breeze). She told me it sounded like Syndrome of Raynaud.

          “But I realized this was a thing to be reckoned with. Ignoring it could turn out devastating.”

          Ok. This was the second time someone pointed this out to me, so I thought it was time for some research. WOW! The pictures of white and yellow fingers and toes I found online were spot on what I was experiencing. The pictures of the black and blue limbs scared me a bit. I never let it go that far! Like, What the hell, the white stage was painful enough, and I always got my blood flow back before something like that could ever happen. But I realized this was a thing to be reckoned with. Ignoring it could turn out devastating.

          Overall there is no real cure. But there are some things I do that will prevent me from having another big attack on my limbs.


          Advice for dealing with Syndrome of Raynaud


          1. – Hot/cold – Training the veins and gaining flexibility there is making the attacks less heavy and makes recovery after an attack faster.
            Taking hot/cold showers, or going to the sauna is a well-controlled way to train the fine fains in your limbs.
          2. – Protect yourself! – If it’s temperature and the thing that triggers an attack: Protect your hands, feet and face/ears before going into situations where you just KNOW you could have another episode.
            I also notice that whenever I’m tired or emotional or overwhelmed it tends to happen! So finding rest and nesting on the couch or the bed with a blanket when needed is key! And when an episode is triggered as an emotional or after a scare, It’s important to retrieve yourself. Get your heartbeat and adrenaline levels down. Drink some tea, move and warm up the affected areas gently. And try to distract yourself by reading, watching Netflix or talk to someone.
          3. – Health! – Having a good healthy body will help you battle this, and will make the outbursts less extreme and less frequent. In short… It’s a veins problem. So obviously your overall health has a big influence on it. These things seem obvious (to me) but I’m going to sum them up anyway:
            -Do not smoke (This one is very important)
            -Eat plenty of deep green veggies
            -Move your body! Run, climb, swim, do yoga, fitness, whatever you like! As long as you get off that couch!
            -Get enough sleep
            -And be mindful! Do whatever you need to take your stress levels down!


          I really hope that this might help some of you that may have these symptoms and maybe never realized what it was. And for everyone else: This is a thing, It’s not a huge thing, its not life-threatening, but it is something I have to live with. If you ever see me suddenly walk away when its cold, or stepping inside the hallway of school while everyone is standing outside in the cold, or waiting in the car instead of stepping out, I’m not being impolite, selfish or a pussy… I’m preventing an attack on my limbs. 😉 Not all conditions are visible.

          Do you know anyone that feels pain or gets paralyzed limbs with a sudden change of temperatures or cold?

          Blog by: Jolanda Marti
          Photography: Michiel Fook

          Wikipedia on Raynaud syndrome

          Raynaud syndrome, also known as Raynaud’s phenomenon, is a medical condition in which spasm of arteries cause episodes of reduced blood flow.

          Typically, the fingers, and less commonly the toes, are involved. Rarely, the nose, ears, or lips are affected. The episodes result in the affected part turning white and then blue.  Often, numbness or pain occurs. As blood flow returns, the area turns red and burns.

          The episodes typically last minutes, but can last several hours. Read more…

          Yoga and Syndrome of Raynaud

          One of the things I recently started doing is wearing these barefoot shoes while doing yoga whenever  the temperature is too cold. Wildling shoes geared our whole family up with their barefoot shoes and gave me these for my yoga practice!

          Just perfect for preventing getting cold feet during my yoga practice and still give be the next best thing after real bare-foot yoga. Because of the freedom my feet and toes have in these shoes, I am able to protect myself from the cold and still feel like being barefoot. The top of the shoe is smooth which allows me to glide, while the thin and flexible sole gives me a lot of grip on the ground and prevents me from slipping! It works better than I ever could have hoped for! So grateful for this solution!

          So for everyone doing yoga on rough terrain or who get cold feet and maybe get cramps or has Syndrome of Raynaud like me!? These Barefoot shoes are a really good solution!

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          Living with Syndrome of Raynaud



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