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Een grote zus zijn… ↠ Being a big sister

YES! Quinn is there! And of course our two big sisters had been looking forward to the coming of this little baby for weeks now! Check out our new digital birth announcement video for our lovely little Quinn! I’m sorry, this video is in dutch only for he moment…

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To our babygirl Quinn

We thought we were complete. We thought we were happy and whole as a family. We thought wrong. You filled a void in our hearts we didn’t realize was there. All four of us are totally in love with you, and you are so so so welcome here! From the first time i picked you up, umbilical cord still attached to my body and I instantly knew… i know you. You where always meant to be with us.

Expecting Wild

So lets be honest… from the 38th week in pregnancy I am not the charmyest person around. I only fit my biggest maternity joggers and I can walk (or actually wobble) around for a max of 10 minutes before crashing. And then it hit me… this will probably be the last time ever being pregnant. So we decided to celebrate this moment in this photoshoot.

Gezocht: Zwangerschap Bubbel #Timeout

Tijd voor een kleine time-out! Dat elke zwangerschap anders is dat weten we allemaal wel… maar iets weten of ervaren is toch iets anders. Ik mag gerust zeggen dat ik deze derde zwangerschap ietsje (boel) heb onderschat. Been there, done that… doe ik er wel gewoon even bij. Uuuuh, nope. Dus niet.

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