About me

◈ Hi everyone, and welcome to my website and blog!

I’m Jolanda Marti, i have a wonderful partner of fourteen years and we are both professional video/photographers. Michiel and i have three beautiful daughters together called Miley, Haley and Quinn. Our little family lives in a beautiful little village in the middle of a nature reserve just north of Amsterdam, Holland.

I love to do all things as healthy, natural and honest possible. When I’m not working on Photographing and editing weddings or working on my blog, you’ll find me with my family in our garden, hiking, or somewhere outside on another adventure in our van exploring the world!

About Wild & Boho

As a professional photographer its in our nature to document all things happening in our lives. On this website we collect all our adventures in visual stories containing photo and video shoots. Sinds January 2017 i’ve stared writing blogs and vlogs in Dutch.


With our photograpy and videography we try to show how we experience this world and illustrate that feeling of being close and connected to each other as a family. Nothing fancy, just the four of us, living our lives, going on roadtrips, cuddling on the couch, loving eachother, and keeping our babygirls close to us. Honest, sincere, real images.

-Englisch & Dutch blog posts-
On this website you will find two kind of blogpost:

1- STORIES – Englisch posts
These posts are visual stories containing photo series and/or video’s accompanied with little to no text… the little bit of texts are in English!

2- LIVESTYLE BLOGS + VLOGS – Dutch posts
Sorry but these Blogs and vlog posts are in dutch only. I’m afraid that my English isn’t good enough to pull that off. Hope you still enjoy our Storie posts and instagram… those two i can manage in English!

Folow on instagram for a peek in to our lives and to be updated on new stories and video’son the website!


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