Haley got a bit high after dentist appointment!

Month VLOG Feb 2018 – This month we took Haley our 3-year-old to the dentist and she came home all funny and fuzzy! Kind of sad but funny at the same time. Our camera and car broke, Haley turned three, we went to do lots of fun stuff together, and Holland froze over while we couldn’t manage to keep our home warm.

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Making art with our kids!

I am really proud of Michiel for making this video and going outside his comfort zone and doing a voiceover for the very first time!
He really wanted to participate with contributing to this blog and start making videos and blog posts. And I am so excited he is actually making a big effort to take part! So here the first of hopefully many blog and video posts from Michiel, to show you guys the dad’s perspective in our lives!

But as usual with firsts, the insecurity kicks in… and I hear him asking me  “Jolanda tell me hounestly, is it good enough!? it’s not isn’t it…”
Well, I definitely think its good enough!!! It’s honest, sincere, from the heart and real. Especially when you know that it’s the first time he had done a voiceover, which made him completely awkward. So I give him extra Bonus points for daring to push beyond his comfort zone and being open and vulnerable. That’s why I love this man.

What do you guys think!? Want to see more of his content on the site and witness him getting more comfortable with sharing his thoughts with you guys!?

Michiel about the video:
Watch our 7-year-old daughter Miley making art!
With this portrait of my daughter Miley I draw I wasn’t sure what to do with the colors, so I drew the lines and hung it on the wall for a good 6 months if not longer. Until Miley came up with the idea of giving it some color herself! I only had to tell her ones and she picked it up so fast. She loved working together with me creating this painting together and the end result could not have been any better.


Viral infections for everyone!

Yes, It’s online! Our First Monthly overview vlog! Watch here our January 2018 where we watched the fireworks over Amsterdam from a distance, Lots and Lots of Babywearing, After dinner madness moments, all 3 kids got sick like domino’s, Snot, Viral infections for everyone, And of course, lot’s more!

Weekend Links #002

Photography: Wild&BOHOJolanda Marti

Weekend links #002

We collected a few inspiring links with tons reading and watching material which made us laugh, cry, think, be inspired or amazed.
So here you have a few of our favorite links to entertain you this weekend!

Our plans this weekend:
This week our little baby girl was feeling sick so we had spent a lot of time in comfort her and less time working.
Meaning there is some catching up to do. The girls are going to grandma on Saturday so a working day for us, and Sunday will be a daddy day and I (Jolanda) will be working hard to make up for lost working hours. And to be honest… working in the office all nice and quiet with a chai latte and some nice music isn’t a punishment after all those broken nights and sad and crying little girls all day this last three weeks! So besides catching-up, it’s also a little bit of mommy-timeout re-loading time! The two eldest girls will stay at their grandmom tonight! I Think this (working) weekend is going to be just the thing I need right now… After that will be a fun mom again. Right now I feel completely exhausted!

Can any moms or dads relate? or am I just being crazy!?
Whatever your plans are… Have an amazing and fun weekend! Let me hear your plans!!!

favorite links this week:

TED talk

The gift and power of emotional courage
YES! This is definitely a must watch!

Psychologist Susan David shares how the way we deal with our emotions shapes everything that matters: our actions, careers, relationships, health and happiness. In this deeply moving, humorous and potentially life-changing talk, she challenges a culture that prizes positivity over emotional truth and discusses the powerful strategies of emotional agility.

Wach this Ted talk!  

NETFLIX The end of the F***ING World

We totally binged all episodes of this one! And YES you SHOULD go watch it now. Go!

NETFLIX The end of the F***ING World

Poor Cherries

Oh this made me so smile!!! So funny! Get your 70’s arty-vibes shot right here!

Wach the video! 

5 Plantastic ideas!!!

Justina Blakeney is a Designer, artist, and author who has been an inspiration to me whenever it comes to style. Whenever I’m stuck, uninspired or sometimes just bored and tired I go to her site and it fills me with energy, inspiration, and positivity!
Little bitesize inspiration blog posts like this one really make me happy! So easy do something like this in your home and it can make a huge difference!

5 Plantastic ideas!!!

Living Off-grid in a cabin!

We love to go out in our van and travel for a long time in our van and being off-grid for a while!
But these people are next level! They live permanently in this little off-grid cabin! So lovely!

Wach this off-grid family and their Cabin!

Follow on Insta!

@adventured_life NO WAY! We actually found another family of 5 who travel in a VW bus! Go and give them a follow!

Take a look at this instagram profile!  

Loving at this moment:

Shopping inspiration!
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