Weekend Links #001

Photography: Wild&BOHOJolanda Marti

Weekend links #001

We collected a few inspiring links with tons reading and watching material which made us laugh, cry, think, be inspired or amazed.
So here you have a few of our favorite links to entertain you this weekend!

favorite links this week:

TED talk

It was 2010 when I watched this Ted talk from Sir Ken Robinson that was recorded in 2006.
And i still remember how moved i was. How i agree with everything he is telling us! He is putting into words what I thought and felt all these years about our education system.

Rewarding and recognizing some skills as valuable and devaluating other skills like creativity. A heartbreaking reality. And I was moved to tears and felt understand and empowered! This is my absolute must-see TED talk of all times! So Please Please Please GO and watch this amazing TED talk and let me know what you think!

Wach this Ted talk!  

Ckickens!!! WANT!

This is making me want to have chickens! If you are thinking of getting some but still in doubt, go and read this blog post on Old Joy!

Chicken happiness!   

I LAVA it!

Oh this made me so happy!!! It’s a Pixar short of 2015, but this week saw it for the first time and it made my day!

So if you feel in the need of some happy-feel-good-Vibes… Go and watch this adorable love story.

Wach the video! 

Music: Postcards From Mars

We are a big fan of this band! We love their dreamy sound and its the perfect soundtrack to a long road trip, or lazy Sunday afternoon in October. We first saw him perform live at the album release back in 2016 and we are following his music ever since.

Listen on Spotify 

Listen on Youtube 

Plant watering LIFE-SAVERS

This girl knows what she’s talking about! No really! listen to this “crazy plant lady” she has some pretty good advice for everyone who has trouble keeping their plants hydrated!

Wach her plant watering hacks!

Follow on Insta!

@mother_ofall_adventures She has four beautiful children and shares her story with us! Talking about subjects like (postnatal) depression, loneliness, and all the struggles she encounters as a mother! She is real, pure and honest in everything she puts online. Letting us know: Mothers, the struggle is real, and you’re not alone! Love all the pictures in her feed, and the real honest way she talks with us through her insta stories! GO and follow! She’s amazing!

Take a look at this instagram profile!  

Our plans this weekend:
We have a fun weekend ahead of us, My sister in law is pregnant with my new little niece and I’m going to take some pictures of her pregnancy, and Sunday we’ll be having some friends over for dinner.
What are your plans for this weekend!?

Loving at this moment:

Shopping inspiration!
Click on the product to shop our style-favorites we personally selected from our partners!

2017 Recap!

2017 was amazing! Looking back at the past 12 months and so much has happened! We are so thankful for everything and everyone we have in our lives! We are grateful for all the experiences we had and even the difficulties we encountered because we learned from them!

Feels like we are on the right track, let’s continue 2018 and make it a good year filled with positivity and inspiration!

I will be checking in more often from now on! And we are switching from Dutch to Englisch from now on! Subscribe on our youtube channel to be updated on all new videos!
Have a Happy 2018 everyone!!!

HAPPY Christmas and a Merry new year!

HAPPY Christmas and a Merry new year!
Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

Just like last year, we wanted to make the same sparkle confetti-canon video (we posted it on our Instagram) with the kids because last year was so much fun! I see a little tradition happening here.
Like to see more video’s and follow along? Make sure to subscribe to our channel to see all the new video’s we upload! Love, Jolanda

We are taking these days to enjoy our family and friends, and to reflect on this past year. A lot has happened! Mainly a lot of good and wonderful things such as the birth of our little Quinn, so I guess 2017 has been good to us! Let’s see if we can hold on to that happiness in 2018! I’m looking forward to the months to come with lots of positivity, mindfulness, and love.

Tell me!? Do you guys have crazy family traditions? Let me know in the comments below, or on my insta or facebook!
We hope you all will have an amazing loving Christmas and a sparkling 2018!

First snowflakes…

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One fluffy snowflake floating down hundreds of miles and landing gently on the soft grass in our backyard. And another! We stare in complete unbelief out our window, could it be!? I can’t remember the last time it showed enough to build a decent snowman. The kids are watching the whole morning how the snow is falling and slowly transforming the landscape into a winter wonderland… it’s still a thin veil of white fluffy frosty magic but we can’t wait any longer. We have to touch it, walk through it, feel it, taste it, play with it, and throw it!

Love to imagine that our little house is standing in a little snow globe! Snowflakes have a beautiful way of weightlessly floating around through the air.

These first magical snowflakes this winter are so welcomed, loved, and totally celebrated!

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Eén pluizig sneeuwvlokje zweeft honderden kilometers omlaag en landt zachtjes op het zachte gras in onze achtertuin. En nog eentje! We staren in volledig ongeloof uit ons raam, zou het waar zijn!? Ik kan me niet herinneren wat de laatste keer was dat het genoeg gesneeuwt had om een fatsoenlijke sneeuwpop te bouwen. De kinderen kijken de hele ochtend al uit het raam hoe de sneeuw zachtjes valt en langzaam het landschap omtovert in een spierwit winterwonderland … het is nog steeds een dunne sluier van witte bevroren magie maar we kunnen gewoon niet langer wachten. We moeten het aanraken, er doorheen lopen, het voelen, proeven, ermee spelen en het gooien!

Ik kijk omhoog en stel mijzelf voor dat ons huisje in een kleine sneeuwbol staat op iemands schoorsteenmantel! Sneeuwvlokken hebben zo´n prachtige unieke manier van gewichtloos door de lucht zweven…

Er lag toen nog niet veel, maar deze eerste magische sneeuwvlokken deze winter zijn uitbundig door ons verwelkomd en geviert!

Spring Fever vs Nesting Urge

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While we were still in a snowstorm a few weeks ago (with a camera and lamp because of Michiel’s photo experiment), and suddenly spring is here now! Our front yard Magnolia is ready to burst out into a cloud of flowers and the prunus is about to pop into a gigantic pink candyfloss at any moment now. And I immediately get the urge to get out in one of my summer dresses. Offcourse just to run back inside again to grab an extra warm vest and pop into my warm high boots. I should have known, but still every first spring day, every year again the same ritual…

Mom? Can I have a little pool in the garden so I can play!? Obviously, I’m not the only one who’s bad at estimating temperature … “Well, you can play in the bathtub upstairs!?” Fortunately, she was happy with my alternative.

In the garden, our jungle is coming back to life, and like every year I’m feeling the urge to jump in there so I can clear the way for all the new fresh green sprouts that are fighting themselves a way up into the sunshine. It’s just that this time there is this huge thing standing between myself and the ground. There is no way I can reach it. So what to do with all of this Spring fever I’m having and a garden that is as pregnant as I am?

I’m not getting beyond pruning our willow (it’s a beautiful Common Osier). mmm… there’s a lot more to be done to get this garden ready for summer. In the coming days, it will be beautiful weather. 20 degrees they say! Great. And so I start plotting my masterplan of how I will get as many people as possible to exploit and fix my garden. That garden needs (and will be) ready for summer. Before the little one is here! it just has to be!

Nestling in the house is not really the issue with me at the moment. No nesting urges for me! The nesting is just nowhere to be found. Not even feeling the slightest tingle to clean or prep baby stuff. It’s not happening at all. We decided to rebuild our home at 7 weeks away from my due date. The house is a building site with rubble and dust everywhere. Not even one piece of baby clothing is standing ready yet!  And no nesting urges anywhere to be seen. But the garden…no! That garden HAS to be done before she pops out!

I already see myself sitting there. Miley playing in her little pool, Haley playing in the grass, Michiel is picking some apples and next to me on the picnic plaid next to me our new little girl… I’m so looking forward to that!

Oooh … Suddenly it hits me! In the summer months, this garden is our home. That’s where we will be the upcoming months! Offcourse!!! So that’s where my nesting had gone.

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Lentekriebels vs. Nesteldrang

Waar we een aantal weken geleden nog midden in de nacht in een sneeuwstorm buiten stonden met camera en lamp (Michiel’s foto experimentje), is het nu plots lente. Magnolia staat op klappen en de prunus kan elk moment in een roze suikerspin veranderen. En ik krijg meteen de behoefte om in een zomerjurkje de deur uit te stappen. Om vervolgens snel weer naar binnen te rennen voor een extra warme vest erbij te grissen en mijn hoge laarzen aan te schuiven. Had ik kunnen weten, maar toch, elke eerste lentedag weer hetzelfde ritueel.

Mama? Mag ik een badje in de tuin!? Ik ben duidelijk niet de enige die slecht is in het inschatten van temperatuur… je mag boven wel even in bad spelen!? Gelukkig was dat ook goed.

In de tuin komt onze jungle tot leven, en bij mij komen de kriebels om mezelf ertussen te storten zodat ik de weg vrij kan maken voor al het verse groen. Wil het nu alleen zo zijn dat er best wel een buik in de weg zit en ik met geen mogelijkheid de grond kan aanraken… top. Wat moet ik dan met al deze kriebels, en een tuin die net zo zwanger is als ik?

Verder dan de katjes wilg kom ik niet.
Komende dagen wordt het prachtig weer. 20 graden zeggen ze! Mooi. En ik begin mijn plannetje te smeden om zoveel mogelijk hulptroepen te verzamelen om voor mijn zwangere karretje te spannen… die tuin moet en zal zomer-klaar zijn voor die kleine er is.

Nesteldrang in het huis is bij mij niet echt aan de orde. Wij besluiten om te gaan verbouwen op 7 weken van mijn uitgerekende datum. Huis een puinzooi met overal stof. Nog niet 1 rompertje ligt klaar… en geen enkele nestel-kriebel om daar aan te gaan beginnen. Maar die tuin. Die moet klaar zijn voor de boel klapt.

Ik zie mezelf al helemaal zitten. Miley spartelend in een badje, Haley spelend in het gras, Michiel is wat appels aan het plukken en naast mij op het picknickkleed ons nieuwe kleine meisje.

Oooh… het muntje valt. In de zomermaanden is deze tuin is ons thuis. Daar zijn we straks te vinden. Daar is die nesteldrang dus gebleven.

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