To our babygirl Quinn

There she was! The 2nd of May 2017 our third little girl Quinn was born!

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We thought we were complete. We thought we were happy and whole as a family. We thought wrong.

You filled a void in our hearts we didn’t realize was there. All four of us are totally in love with you, and you are so so so welcome here!

From the first time i picked you up, umbilical cord still attached to my body and I instantly knew… i know you. You where always meant to be with us.

Our little family of four is now a quintuple! And the five of us are going to travel the world and make adventures together!

Right now you are two weeks old, and you are sleeping in my arms. I will always hold you when you need me to, listen to you went you need to be heard, catch you whenever you fall, and push you forward whenever you’re trying to lift off and fly…
To me, you will always be my baby, lying in my arms like you are right now.

You are so tiny. So pure. So sweet. So we captured you’re beauty and innocence. Cherishing this moment, keeping it with us for ever.


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We dachten compleet te zijn. We waren gelukkig met ons gezin, het voelde als “af”. En we zaten er zo erg naast.

Jij vulde een leegte in ons hart waarvan we niet eens wisten dat hij daar was. Wij zitten alle vier op een roze wolk, en we houden zo, zo, zoveel van jou!

Van het eerste moment dat ik je in mijn armen had, nog samen verbonden door het navelstreng wist ik meteen… Ik ken jou! Jij hoort bij ons, zonder jou zijn wij niet compleet!

Ons kleine gezinnetje van vier is nu ineens een quintuple! En met z’n vijfjes gaan we de wereld verkennen en avonturen beleven!

Op dit moment ben je twee weekjes oud, lig je in mijn armen, en je slaapt. Je bent zo mooi en lief… Ik zal je altijd vasthouden als je dat nodig hebt, naar je juisteren als je gehoord wilt worden, ik zal je vangen als je valt, en je voortstuwen als je probeert te vliegen.
Voor mij, zul jij voor altijd mijn baby zijn, zoals je hier in mijn armen ligt te slapen.

Je bent zo klein. Zo puur, So lief. We hebben je schoonheid en onschuld vereeuwigd. Zodat we dit moment kunnen koesteren en voor altijd kunnen bewaren.


Photography: Jolanda Marti & Michiel Fook

Expecting Wild

So lets be honest… from the 38th week in pregnancy I’m not the most charming person around. I only fit my biggest maternity joggers and I can walk (or actually wobble) around for a max of 10 minutes before crashing. And i skip doing my hair or make-up all together. So, i’m not even trying any more. I accept the fact that i’m going to be a big fat clumsy whale until giving birth. And after that I will be a big jiggly and wobbly pudding mommy… but. The happiest and luckiest jiggly mom there can be!

We will be the proud parents of three beautiful little girls! And then it hit me… this will probably be the last time ever being pregnant. Never again will my belly be this big. Never again i will feel new life growing inside me! Never again i will get to wonder how she will look, how her character will be, how her voice will sound.

Especially the last couple of weeks of pregnancy are just too surreal… a full-term baby, ready to be born is moving around in there. But when? The waiting, expecting, wondering. It’s all such a precious experience.

So we decided to celebrate this moment and capture it’s beauty, power and romance in this photoshoot. Getting myself off the couch, out of my comfy stretchy pants and wide sweater… and in to the prettiest outfits I could still fit into. (Not much as you can see) Making an effort to do my hair and even put on a little bit of make-up!

And yes, i know… my belly is really huge. And I decided to be extremely proud of it! As i’m also going to be of my body after giving birth… so thankful for my 3 baby girls it has given me. I will be giving myself time and respect to heal while my body nourishes my two youngest daughters. The woman’s body is so strong and giving. Never thought I could do all of this… I’m in awe of all that is happening at this moment.  I’m just so thankful.

Today is the 29th… three days past my due date. But i’m not holding my breath. She is quite comfy in there. Im guessing she will present herself around 41 weeks. Just as her sisters did! In the meantime we are being patient and happy what every day brings us while we wait on the new little Wild child.

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So here the result of the 39 weeks and 5 days pregnancy shoot!


Photography: Michiel Fook

Any where. Any time. No exceptions.

My baby hungry!? My baby gets a little milk. No exeptions.

I’m feeling hurt and judged. And i’m sick of it!
She is a baby! She needs to eat too. No i’m not giving her a bottle. The bottle is silver, my own milk is gold, and she deserves gold. Always.  If i’m not giving her my breast when she needs it, i’m not only taking away her food. I’m breastfeeding her because she is fragile, because she needs the antibodies, because she needs to grow, because she needs her brain to develop, because she needs a rest, because she needs to eat and drink, because she needs to feel safe and nurtured and loved, because she needs her mom. And i need her.

People sending us away, or shaming us for breastfeeding in public, is a sign of their own ignorance and twisted backwards minds.
In their mind, the only purpose of breast is sexual. Therefore (partially) seeing them attached to a little baby, is also a sexual act.
That infuriates me. It’s the world upside down. It’s wrong to think like that.
I’ts so mean and unfair to force such an ugly opinion on to others.

Breast are attached to our bodies to feed babies.
Off course i get that they can be sexual too, but only in the right occasion, the right setting.

If you are feeding a baby, you attend to the baby’s fundamental needs and rights. There is absolutely no sexual thing about it.
In fact, a mother feeding her child is sweet, endearing, natural and completely normal.

A mother should never have to feel ashamed to feed her child. Anywhere, anytime, No exceptions.

Text: Jolanda Marti
Photography: Jolanda Marti (selfportrait)

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Those eyes slowly turning blue... ?

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Een foto die is geplaatst door ➳ J o l a n d a M a r t i (@wildandboho) op

Bring your kid to work day. ??

Een foto die is geplaatst door ➳ J o l a n d a M a r t i (@wildandboho) op

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