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◈ We love to go out and explore the world … Usually with our van, but sometimes we want to tavel further than our wheels can drive us. 99% of the times we go with the whole family, kids and all. Without them it would not be the same. Of course traveling with (small) children is not the same as just alone or together as a couple… But it’s at least as fun and adventurous, and definitely a bigger challenge!

With 5 people a road trip in a VW minibus? No problem! Follow our experiences, our tips & trics, and other travel-related topics that we would like to share with you.

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◈ Wij houden er van om er op uit te gaan en de wereld te verkennen… Meestal met ons busje, maar af en toe gaan we wat verder dan onze wielen ons rijden kunnen. 99% van de keren gaan we met het hele gezin, kids en al. Zonder hen zou het niet het zelfde zijn. Op reis met (kleine) kinderen is natuurlijk niet hetzelfde als alleen of met z’n tweetjes, maar is op z’n minst net zo leuk en avontuurlijk.

Met 5 personen een roadtrip in een VW minibusje? Geen probleem!Volg hier onze belevenissen, onze tips & trics, en andere reis-gerelateerde onderwerpen die we graag met jullie willen delen.

Read our travels stories

Touring around Europe with our van or going a bit further away and flying around the world. Here we are collecting all our travel stories. 

About our van

 This little VWvan from ’66 is a part of our family for the last 12 years. Here we are collecting all the van repair, interior, and modification stories.


TRAVEL posts:

VLOG: Mei 2018 We buried a body part in our front yard

MONTH Vlog Mei 2018 This Mei in 4 words: Earrings, cows, backstage & One!!! The summer days have arrived and so we went on to the water as much possible and spent many days in the garden... I also got my ear pierced, but I'm not the only one... Quinn...

Throwback: Mountains of Montcada, Barcelona

  Last year, I thought: "Let's give the blogging thing another go after 10 years of not blogging!" I took my Instagram name and looked if the Website URL was still available. And it was! So Wild & BOHO was going to be my new blog. Since I'm a video maker, I wanted to...

a vanlifers homebase

    We are #Vanlifers, but we do have a home build of stone and wood with a big yard and a safe garage for our treasured van to seek shelter from the harsh winter climate Holland throws at us. HOME So in Wintertime, we seek shelter in this place we call home. Our home...

Hydrated kids and dry outfits

  While traveling with small kids during the summer in a campervan it is extra important to keep the little ones hydrated. Liquids, small kids and moving vehicles are a tricky combination. But luckily we brought these awesome kids cups on the road! We had one peach...

Vanlife exploring Holland! Part 3 of our Vanlife adventure!

This is part 3 of our little vanlife adventure meeting up with our family at the border of Holland and Germany. We went hiking and playing in the sand-hills, had water fights and traveled back home While making a short stop to visit our aircooled friends...

Exploring Holland and Germany! Part 2 of our Vanlife adventure

We went on a little vanlife adventure meeting up with our family at the border of Holland and Germany. We celebrated Quinn's first birthday and Mothers day! This was video part 2 (out of 3) of our adventure! Featured in this video: Wildlife park Anholter Schweiz:...

Vanlife exploring the border of Holland and Germany! Part 1

We traveled on a one-week vanlife trip to the border of Holland and Germany. To explore nature and have fun camping and meeting up with some family! This is part 1, our journey getting up there! Enjoy! p.s. The Monthly overviews of Mei and June are definitely still...

VLOG: Vintage Volkswagen Vanlife meeting!

It was so much fun! We went to the 2 day Airmighty Ben Pon Air-cooled Volkswagen meeting at Amersfoort! We loved it! We did have some car trouble (or should I say van-trouble) on our way over there, but we made it there in the end. Please follow our...

Bus out of Hybernation

Yes! The sun was shining, the temperatures where soft and there she was again after a decade of 3 months. Our radiant tined slice of happiness on wheels. Before taking her out Michiel gave her a bit of TLC. He changed the spark-plugs and refreshed the oil. And we were...

Roadtrip Amsterdam to Barcelona Video

There was a time we went on an adventure. All four of us in a bus. We had a wonderful journey, met amazing people, and saw beautiful new places. This is what #vanlife is all about! To us, it's a bonding experience and making memories to last a lifetime! We started...

Teach them in experiences

From which would you prefer to learn?  By only reading about it, or by experiencing it yourself? Wich one would make a profound impression on you which will stick to you for the rest of your life!?

Carry in style -Carry you home

The baby-carrying way of life. Wherever we go we take our baby with us! No problem, she just hops on our back and she gets te see the world from her private VIP seat. Plus we get all those extra bonus cuddles from her! It's really a livestyle thing. Not having to stay...

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