Room tour of our bohemian styled interior

Let's give you a room tour through our Bohemian/eclectic styled interior Livingroom, Hallway and kitchen. We love furniture with a story or personal meaning. We like a pretty styled home and interior, but we do have kids with toys... how we combine those two. And we...


◈ Our HOME is a reflection of the mix of all our characters and our lifestyle. Our house is meant to live in, play, laugh, create, eat, sleep and making precious memories. “Coming home” to us means that there is a place on this earth where we can feel safe, relaxed and happy. A place where our children grow-up and where we can grow old together. A warm cozy home.

We love beautiful objects and furniture. Preferably with a story behind it. We like to surround ourselves with beautiful objects and art that remind us of somewhere we’ve been, the people we love or something that inspires us. Our interior styling could be described as a mix between, Bohemian, Vintage, rural and industrial.

Our GARDEN is where we spend most our time in the summer months, it’s our outdoor living room. We love growing our own food and just surround ourselves with all de different shades of green, the most amazing colorful flowers, berries, and delicious veggies.

As a family with small kids growing up the situation in our family is always shifting and changing. Family dynamics, the development of our kids, and us growing a bit older (and hopefully wiser) every day. Our house and garden reflects this and evaluates… it constantly changes with us.

View here our house and garden updates, special furniture, art, and objects. Follow our DIY and home makeover projects, our tips & tricks, and other Home + Garden related topics that we would like to share with you.

VLOG: Vanlife season is opened!

MONTH Vlog March 2018 This March in 4 words: Toys, #vanlife, swordfights & Caffeine!!! It was sooo cold at the beginning of this month! And by the time we reached the end of March 2018 it was obvious spring was knocking on our door! This month we had sword...

Making art with our kids!

I am really proud of Michiel for making this video and going outside his comfort zone and doing a voiceover for the very first time! He really wanted to participate with contributing to this blog and start making videos and blog posts. And I am so excited he is...

First snowflakes…

One fluffy snowflake floating down hundreds of miles and landing gently on the soft grass in our backyard. And another! The kids are watching the whole morning how the snow is falling and slowly transforming the landscape into a winter wonderland…

Gezocht: Zwangerschap Bubbel #Timeout

Tijd voor een kleine time-out! Dat elke zwangerschap anders is dat weten we allemaal wel… maar iets weten of ervaren is toch iets anders. Ik mag gerust zeggen dat ik deze derde zwangerschap ietsje (boel) heb onderschat. Been there, done that… doe ik er wel gewoon even bij. Uuuuh, nope. Dus niet.

Frisse zomerdrankjes! *alcoholvrij

Van bepaalde drankjes kan ik geen genoeg krijgen! Van deze heerlijke alcohol vrije cocktails kan ik in de zomer de hele dag door nippen in de wetenschap dat deze drankjes nog gezond zijn ook! Dus onbeperkt genieten! Deze twee mixjes had ik al bedacht voordat ik zwanger was en maakte ze al regelmatig, maar tijdens mijn zwangerschap was het praktisch het enige waar ik trek in had om te drinken.

Spring Fever vs Nesting Urge

Suddenly spring is here! And no Nesting urges to be found anywhere… We decided to rebuild our house at 7 weeks away from my due date. The house is a building site with rubble and dust everywhere. and all I care about is my garden…

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