Slowing Down! – Recap 2018

Time is flying by and everything is going so fast.
Treasure every second! Here is an overview of our treasured memories of the year 2018. We hope you had a great year and a wonderful new years eve.


◈ Het leven in een jong gezin met 3 kids is elke dag weer een nieuw avontuur. Kinderen kunnen hun ouders voor talloze uitdagingen stellen, maar tegelijkertijd krijg je daar zo veel liefde en geluk voor terug! Samen met het gezin leuke dingen doen en mooie momenten beleven en gewoon gelukkig zijn. Daar draait het om!

Bij het opvoeden van het kleine grut kom je wel eens situaties tegen waarvan je je afvraagt hoe je dat moet aanpakken, en of de aanpak die gekozen is wel de juiste blijkt te zijn. En dat hebben wij ook! Ook hierover delen wij blogs over.

Volg hier onze belevenissen, onze tips & trics, en andere gezin-gerelateerde onderwerpen die we graag met jullie willen delen.

On this overview you will find Livestyle BLOG + Vlog posts.
These Blogs and Vlog posts are in dutch only. Sorry about that.

Hope you still enjoy our Storie posts and my instagram
those two i can manage in English!

About this Curveball…

Uncertainties are scary yet exciting... Normally we like to share our highs, but we do hit some low's along the way, just like everybody else. So let's get real. So here is one huge bump in the road we are dealing with right now. The beginning of 2018 brought us...

Happy Christmas and a Merry New year!

Wohooo Happy everything with lots of glitters and such!
Like every year we made our traditional “best wishes video” With a little sparcle!
Upcoming months will be finding glitter everywhere… but it was SO worth it!
Jolanda, Michiel, Miley Haley & Quinn

Stress-free Christmas dinner with kids

  The Christmas holidays are filled with cozy nights, twinkly lights, cuddles by the fireplace, pumpkin spice and lots of family and friends. But if you have kids, you know it can also mean a lot of planning stress, kids completely overstimulated by all the excitement...

A little throwback to ‘Zeeland’

A little throwback to 'Zeeland' In this video we have a little trowback to the time the 5 of us were only 4! We made a little roadtrip to 'Zeeland' in the Netherlands and wandered the fields....

Searching for fairies

When the sun goes down and al the "good well behaved kids" go to bed so all the "good and responsible parents" can go and tidy up the house (and then Netflix) But let's be honest... that's just boring! So just once in a while, we just get our lanterns and put on our...

To the Moony and back

  Having small kids, a career, wanting to have a free life and travel a lot, running a household can be a bit much sometimes! Having extreme happy moments, and then the extreme overwhelming exhaustion kicks in! Feeling so tired at the end of every single...

VLOG: Vintage Volkswagen Vanlife meeting! It was so much fun! We went to the 2 day Airmighty Ben Pon Air-cooled Volkswagen meeting at Amersfoort! We loved it! We did have some car trouble (or...

3 day camping trip with KIIND magazine

We went on a 3-day trip and meet other like-minded parents at the KIIND Weekend from Kiind magazine. Lots of breastfeeding, babywearing, and gentle parenting people. Lovely to see everyone respecting...

The educational system and us

  This girl is a dreamer. Always with her head in the clouds and living in her own reality. Sometimes if you carefully watch you can see it in her eyes. That moment... Her checking out of our reality and stepping into her own. And I love that about her. In class, she...

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