Roadtrip Amsterdam to Barcelona Video

There was a time we went on an adventure. All four of us in a bus. We had a wonderful journey, met amazing people, and saw beautiful new places. This is what #vanlife is all about! To us, it’s a bonding experience and making memories to last a lifetime!

We started this trip with the four of us, but after we came home we discovered that we were no longer four! A little-fived person had announced her arrival to us. And thinking back… she was already with us half our trip! So we came home a Family of five. 7 months after we arrived home in May 2017 our little baby girl Quinn was born! Making the road trip we had an extra special memory to us!

Re-live our roadtrip from Amsterdam to Barcelona with us…

Videography: Michiel Fook

Teach them in experiences

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From which would you prefer to learn?  By only reading about it, or by experiencing it yourself? Wich one would make a profound impression on you which will stick to you for the rest of your life!?

I  really like to read books about adventures, foreign cultures, interesting people and beautiful landscapes, history, and nature all over the world and dream away and soak up all those stories and knowledge. But I LOVE to have adventures myself, visit foreign cultures, meet interesting people and see beautiful landscapes and discover nature all over the world myself. And I especially love to do that together with my kids. Stimulating them to climb every mountain (or tree) life, and look into this world with an open mind full of wonder and curiosity.

So take your kids by the hand or take them on your back, show them every aspect of this beautiful, harsh, inspiring, scary, complex world and life! There is so much to discover out there, better start young!

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Ik vind het heerlijk om weg te dromen met een mooi boek over avonturen, vreemde culturen, interessante mensen en prachtige landschappen, geschiedenis en natuur over de hele wereld. Maar er gaat niets boven het zelf avonturen beleven, buitenlandse culturen bezoeken, interessante mensen ontmoeten, prachtige landschappen zien en de natuur over de hele wereld zelf te ontdekken. Ik vind het vooral leuk om dit samen met mijn kinderen te doen. Om ze te stimuleren elke berg (of boom) in dit leven te beklimmen, en deze wereld in te kijken met een open blik vol verwondering en nieuwsgierigheid.

Hoe zou jij het liefste de wereld ontdekken? Door er over te lezen, of door het zelf te ervaren? Wat je zou een diepe indruk op je maken die je de rest van je leven bij zal blijven!? Neem je kinderen bij de hand of draag ze op je rug, laat ze elk aspect van deze mooie, harde, inspirerende, enge, complexe wereld en het leven zien! Er is zoveel te ontdekken, je kunt niet vroeg genoeg beginnen!

Photography: Michiel Fook & Jolanda Marti

Carry in style -Carry you home

The baby-carrying way of life.
Wherever we go we take our baby with us! No problem, she just hops on our back and she gets te see the world from her private VIP seat.
Plus we get all those extra bonus cuddles from her!

It’s really a livestyle thing. Not having to stay at home for all those naps, she prefers to sleep close to us. We can entertain her, so much to see from up there. And she gets to view and explore the world from a safe place. So where ever we are she is getting everything she needs.

This feeling of keeping your child close to you and carry them is a hard thing to describe with words.
PinkNova desided to produce a song about it. A thing that has never been done before as far as i know!
The dutch singer-song writer Bart Voncken wrote the song for them called “I will carry you home”
The song is just so sweet and sincere, it communicates exactly that feeling of keeping your child close you ,and caring for them more than anything in this whole wide world! Can’t help but getting all emotional every time i hear it!

With our photograpy and videography we always try to show how we experience this world and illustrate our feeling of being close and connected to each other as a family. Ilse and Judith from PinkNova came to us width the question if we would like to use the song in our newest video.
And offcourse we would like that! Actually, it’s a huge honor!

We took a little break in putting our video’s online. The shots of our adventures from the last view months were saved to make one compilation video for the song! Nothing fancy, just the four of us, living our lives, going on roadtrips, cuddling on the couch, loving eachother, and carrying our babygirl with us. Honest, sincere, real images. Beautiful but not prefect, just as real life.

Scroll down to see a view pictures we took while shooting the video.

In the next couple of weeks we will publish the complete video’s where this compilation video is made out off!
Lots of unseen footage and complete photo series and stories behind every scene to come!
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Hope you enjoy and relate to the song and the video, we had lots of fun making it!

– This blogpost is made in collaboration with  PinkNova  –

Photo & Videography: Jolanda Marti & Michiel Fook  –  Wild & Boho 
Music: Bart Voncke
Baby Wraps:  Pinknova

belly + beaches

24 weeks pregnant and wandering around on ibiza.

It’s so beautiful here… its like my pregnant brain can’t register all the beauty surrounding me.
Feeling so happy and thankful i get the opportunity to travel to these new places for work,
and the best thing is… i have the hottest co-worker ever. Love to spend every second of every day with my soulmate and father of my kids.

Photography: Michiel Fook

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