Throwback: Mountains of Montcada, Barcelona

Last year, I thought: “Let’s give the blogging thing another go after 10 years of not blogging!”
I took my Instagram name and looked if the Website URL was still available. And it was!
So Wild & BOHO was going to be my new blog. Since I’m a video maker, I wanted to start a vlog channel on Youtube and see If it was something for me.

Ever since high school I’ve been blogging and photographing my life. More like a personal online diary for everyone to read.
Somehow it worked therapeutically for me! For more than 8 years I Blogged purely for myself. And then Facebook came… Sharing my stories, experiences and thoughts got much easier on there. The more content I posted on Facebook the less content I posted on my blog until I got pregnant and realized I hadn’t written any posts in 3 years. I Downloaded all my content from the blog and shut down the website.

Now, 3 kids, a Home, Lots of travels, A Instagram profile and 7 years later after Stopping with blogging I felt the need again for a place to Post our stories, Photography, video’s, opinions, tips, tricks, favorites and everything else that we want to share with our followers…

So here’s a throwback photo series we’ve made between baby nr.1 and baby nr.2
December 2014 on a mountain we were visiting my family in Spain close to Barcelona, and we went for a hike on the mountain and I took some of my new dresses with me to shoot some photo’s next to a historic site called Ermita de Sant Pere de Reixac

So this is one of the photo series I’ve Posted on Facebook and was one of the first photos I’ve uploaded on my Instagram account but never on a blog.

I have so much fun throwback stuff that’s backed up somewhere…Like the pregnancy self-portrait photo’s I made of myself and the ones Wouter Keuris made of me! Lots of #Vanlife Roadtrips and lots more!  Maybe I’ll do a #Throwback Blogpost on here once in a while…
Might be fun to look back and see where we’ve been up to in the last couple of years…What do you think? Good idea or rather “stay in the NOW”? Let me know in the comments below!

Photography: Michiel Fook
Text: Jolanda Marti

To the Moony and back

Having small kids, a career, wanting to have a free life and travel a lot, running a household can be a bit much sometimes!
Having extreme happy moments, and then the extreme overwhelming exhaustion kicks in! Feeling so tired at the end of every single day I tend to get a bit frustrated. Will this ever get any easier!? Everything is such a struggle. Never a moment of peace. Always moving, always something or someone to take care of, clean, work, manage.

But at the end of the day, I go through the pictures of the last couple of months and I realize… Years from now I will probably look back and see that these are the happiest years of my life! The childhood of girls, seeing them grow up, and experiencing so much love in our little family is the best thing that ever happened to me!

Our family photo’s always have been so important to me. And as soon as I tend to forget how lucky I am (because all parents know… this parenting thing is HARD and completely exhausting) I Flip open one my photo albums and my heart just opens up, my racing mind just calms down and I get this wave of gratefulness that just washes over me like a Tsunami of LOVE!

Photo’s make me remember what my heart already knows but what my head is to busy to notice. Looking at our photo’s is a tool to help me just stop and be mindful, it helps me realize how many good things are happening right now! And most important, It helps me focus on all the positive, instead of on the few negatives in my life!

Therefore I would say having photo prints and/or albums is improving my quality of life! And it’s so valuable to have as we will grow older and our lives, the world, and the people around us will change too. Photos are little time capsules. Great to have to lay around, amazing to be able to give your children as they grow up.

There are so many advantages to having photo’s in print! It just basically makes me really really really happy whenever I look at them. I got so inspired by that feeling of happiness while flipping through my new Moonylab book that I decided to make this happy little video with our DJI drone!

Moonylab is offering all of my followers a 10% discount using the code Wildandboho10 while placing your order!

Check out our video, and then the backstage Images below that Michiel took from me while I was shooting this video!

Hope you enjoy my outburst of happiness in this little experiment-video.
I put the video on my NEW InstaTV channel for the world to see!
Would you like to see more of these short videos on my Instagram?

Jolanda Marti

Four questions I ask myself on what to wear!

Four questions I ask myself before I decide what I’m wearing that day!
As a busy mommy of three girls, a Wedding photography business and a fanatic adventurer I absolutely need to wear clothes that fit me comfortable and makes me feel confident in whatever I have planned for the day!


How do I feel? 
Most of the time that is highly depending on my plans for the day and the weather.
But factors, like having lots of energy or being tired, feeling creative, feeling sexy, happy or sad, are all things that are pushing me towards that jumpsuit or that yellow dress instead!


Everything I wear must feel comfortable on me! I need to be able to move.
Try running after a three-year-old a one-year-old and a seven-year-old In a super long maxi-dress and a pair of beautiful stiletto’s
Or photographing a wedding in a cute pencil skirt.
Nope. I need clothes that fit me perfectly and allow me to MOVE freely.
I do actually have a pencil skirt in my closet i love… but there it stays because I just never feel like wairing it.
And I rarely wair jeans, because my vagina doesn’t agree to be all crammed and crushed by a pair of stiff jeans. I get all itchy especially if I have an office day where i sit a lot in a chair and just No, nope nope nope. Stretchy pants, leggings, loose-fitting stuff preferably from natural materials, or just my panties under a nice little dress.


What is the weather like?
YAY sunshine!!! So I put on my happy little yellow dress and jump outside… and immediately run back inside to get myself a nice pair of stockings and a warm vest. Oops! Sunshiney day’s in March can be deceiving! So temperatures are nice to know before choosing my outfit! Oh yes, and I go by the onion-method a lot! Layers so I can peel off whenever I get too hot or put them back on when I get to warm.


Can I easily pop a boob out for breastfeeding my baby?
With my first baby, it happened to me a couple of times. We were out somewhere, baby got hungry and started screaming.
And me wearing a cute little A-line dress with high neckline. The only way of getting that boob out was to pull my dress up all the way to my breast! Which meant I felt like I pracktecly had to strip down naked to feed her. We managed to find a solution. but it’s not very convenient!
So: Something with a low round or V-neckline or something that can be opened up in the front or the back with a zipper.

So when I wake up in a happy mood feeling like dancing and the sun is out making it the perfect summers day…
I wear something like this!

Happy summer days everyone! We are loving these temperatures! What are you wearing today! Let me know on my insta or in the comments below!  x

Photography: Michiel Fook

Bohemian Workmode

Photography: Wild & BOHO – Michiel Fook

I’m a creative! And by being a self-proclaimed artist I think I earned the right to always wear whatever I feel like.
I do have to attend a business meeting sometimes because that comes with the territory of having your own business.
I still have to discover the “business suit” that feels right to me. And if someone doesn’t like my style, they have no business working with me…so basically, every day, is casual Friday for me! That being said, I do have a “working mode” style. Whenever I go to meetings I like to wear pants and really high heels. because that makes me feel extra confident and powerful! I like flowing fabrics and I’m not scared of a little bit of color.

For example these Comfortable Paper Bag Waist Pants. I just love the balance between Stylish but not like I’m trying too hard. I love to combine it with a cute flowered blouse because I’m always a flower girl wherever i go, and my mustard-yellow winter trenchcoat which is totally giving me positive vibes whenever I put it on. Of course, I’m bringing my trusted leather bag with me where I can easily fit all of my papers, tablet, and agenda in, and off I go!

Do you dare/are you allowed to be yourself in your business meetings?
I can definitely recommend it!

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Een Gelukje!

Zo. Erg. Moe.
Vitamine tekort? Overwerkt? Te veel gereisd? Misschien moet ik meer sporten?
hmmm, ben ook al dagen misselijk… Ja vitaminen tekort, dat zal het zijn. Juicen, ja dat gingen we doen, en daarnaast een tripje naar de drogist voor even een head-start en ik zit op de bank met een super-booster vitamine kuur van 7 dagen met shit loads aan caffeine, taurine en alle mogelijke vitamines en mineralen die ze maar in een klein flesje konden proppen… Niet tijdens zwangerschap gebruiken stond nog op de verpakking, “Nope”, dacht ik nog, “ben ik niet” terwijl ik het dopje eraf draaide en de gehele inhoud naar binnen gooide. one down, six to go.

3.2.1. en alles kwam er ongeveer met dezelfde snelheid weer uit.


Ugh… de laatste keer dat ik  zò misselijk en moe was was ik…. Ooooohhh….
En daar ging ik weer, voor de tweede keer naar de drogisterij om toch maar een testje te halen. Het zal vast niet, we zijn verdorie geen 16 meer, zoiets gebeurt ons niet, daar zijn wij veel te volwassen en voorzichtig voor.
Maar gewoon voor de zekerheid.

Bam. binnen 3 sec. twee felblauwe strepen en ik huilend op de keukenvloer terwijl Michiel stralend en dolgelukkig met de strip in zijn handen stond. Sorry, mag ik even aan het idee wennen? Ik was niet geheel mentaal voorbereid op een zwangerschap, of een 3e erbij, of een onoverkoombare verbouwing gezien er nu gewoon niet eens ruimte voor een extra kast is. laat staan een extra bed.

Kortsluiting in mijn hersenen voor een hele week… ergens blij verrast met zo een mooi cadeautje. Maar de lichamelijke en mentale opgave van een zwangerschap en een baby konden mijn hersenen niet aan. Ik was nog aan het herstellen van de vorige zwangerschap!
En tegelijkertijd weer opnieuw alle bezorgdheid en voorzichtigheid met dit nieuwe kindje in mijn buik. Als ik het nu kwijt zou raken zou ik ondragelijk vinden.

Zoveel tegenstrijdige gevoelens. Maar een ding stond vast. Dit kindje is welkom!

Tussen Haley en deze zwangerschap ben ik maar 2 keer ongesteld geworden, ik geef haar nog borstvoeding. Dus die twee keer zaten ook 4 maanden uit elkaar. Dat ik mijn menstruatie gemist had had geen enkel alarm belletje doen rinkelen… Ik miste’m vaker dan dat hij kwam. (een van de vele voordelen van lang borstvoeding geven!)

Wel besloten we even een time out te nemen van Social media. Op onze Facebook & Instagram even een time-out berichtje gezet, pusch-meldingen op de telefoon eerst uitgezet, en dan uitgelogd. en tot de feestdagen even rust. Wennen aan het idee, genieten van onze kindjes, en even de focus op ons zelf.

Vlak voor kerst zijn we weer rustig aan online gegaan, maar de mobile pusch-meldingen uit gelaten. Dit blijft ook zo. Wat een rust!
Het was tijd om bekent te maken dat er een derde kindje aan zat te komen! Wat foto’s gemaakt van mijn buik en hoppaa! Bommetje laten vallen! Voor veel mensen een grote verassing, gezien we heel lang offline waren geweest en ik alweer over de helft van mijn zwangerschap zit. Wat gaat deze zwangerschap snel, helemaal met een drukke baan en daarbij al twee kindjes die rondrennen!

Wat een mooi onGelukje! niet gepland, maar wel zo, zo, zo erg welkom! Kan niet wachten tot we met z’n vijfjes zijn!

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