Getting my first tattoo

Yes!!! Finally! I Did it!


At first, it was a rather simple idea… a thin straight line from my elbow to my wrist within the middle the letters that spelled the name of my one and only baby girl. ____Miley____
But. I was still breastfeeding. And everyone strongly advised against it back then. (this was 7 years ago) Fair enough I thought So after 3 years of breastfeeding It became clear there would be another baby sooner or later. Might as well wait a bit and make it a line with two names.


My second baby girl was born and I remember doodling on every piece of paper their names in one long connected line.  ____Miley____&___Haley____  Trying to get the shape and caligraphy just right.

Like practicing an autograph, The line had to have the perfect flow and casual hand-drawn feel to it, styled and still be straight and readable. Not too curly not to dull, but just interesting enough. And certainly not some standard existing Font. Besides that, I still had to wait. Because…still breastfeeding.

Haley became 1,5 and I started searching for the right Tatoo artist. I was prepared to travel If I’d found one further away. As long as the artist could make clean thin lines and I felt “right” about the person behind the needle. As I would wair his or her “mark” for the rest of my days, I was making sure It would be a positive experience.

And then I became pregnant with baby nr.3 The most beautiful little-unexpected surprise of our lives.  And by now, you must know, I had been waiting for 5 years to get this thing on my arm…  So back to the drawing board to add one more name.  ___Miley___Haley___Quinn___   Sometimes I even took a pen and drew it on my arm and took a selfie to see how it would look! Now I’m typing this I realize that this may sound a bit obsessed. Well, maybe I was.

When Quinn was still a newborn we were in a nearby town when we passed by this awesome looking tattoo shop. It wasn’t like any tattoo shop I’d ever seen. It was light, fresh, with a gorgeous mandala-logo on the window. Inside there were plants and beautiful artwork. The whole shop looked welcoming, soft, friendly and creative. So we walked in and we met Manon from Le Nou Tattoo. Her artwork is just amazingly full of feminine shapes and figures, detailed mandalas, Botanics, and subtle shades and razor-sharp fine lines Check out her Instagram here.  She was so friendly, relaxed with a calm confidence that just made me trust her instantly! But Quinn was still a Tiny baby. So I waited just a bit longer.

“The line had to have the perfect flow and casual hand-drawn feel to it.”

When Quinn got one-year-old I became impatient. A few years back my eldest daughter still breastfed occasionally until she was 5 years old. That would mean that it would take another whole four years before I could have my ultimate “mommy Tattoo”.


Breastfeeding and getting a Tattoo?

But why isn’t it a good Idea to get a Tattoo while breastfeeding? Mainly, If your tattoo would get infected you maybe would need Antibiotics that don’t go well together with breastfeeding. Some say there is a slightly bigger chance of infection because of a lower immune system and a bit thinner blood. But let’s be honest, I think those last two reasons have as much to do with delivering a baby and recovering from that than breastfeeding. I guess having a tattoo within the first 9 months after having a baby/pregnancy maybe isn’t a good idea either. Anyway, This is What the breastfeeding experts at La Leche League had to say about it. 


“I’m Hearing myself say “Michiel, I really think you have to hold my hand””

“Shurley the pain is going to get so much worse. But it wasn’t…

“this is it!?” I asked.”

“I suddenly became really nervous!
There was something I didn’t think of beforehand…
Would this hurt much!?”

The time is now

After 1,5 years of breastfeeding my babies aren’t that dependent on breastfeeding anymore, Its just a nice bonus for all the antibodies and such. But if I would have to skip one week for what reason so ever. She would survive just fine! Besides that, I wasn’t going to let a Tiny little tattoo get infected. A good licensed tattoo shop,  healthy lifestyle, Hygiene and common sense are your friends.

So I decided it was time. I sure as hell wasn’t going to wait until I am 38 to do this thing!
It already had waited for ages (7 years). And then last Oktober Michiel and my Mom surprised me for my 34th birthday with a booked appointment at “Le Nou“. The earliest date available was February the 7th. Wich says something about how good she is I guess.


February 7th, 2019

Happy as can be, with my hand-drawn line design perfected over the past 7 years. (being a bit of a neurotic perfectionist about it, but it was done.)  I’d never been more ready for this than for anything in my life!  Even a pregnancy takes less freaking time than it takes me to get a tiny little tattoo! I mean really!?

Only until the very last moment when a sat down and with the sight of the surprisingly friendly looking tattoo machine I suddenly became really nervous! There was something I didn’t think of beforehand…  Would this hurt much!? I had been so busy thinking of the design, artist, timing… and now only seconds to go and my heard was pounding like crazy. I’m Hearing myself say “Michiel, I really think you have to hold my hand”


The sound of the buzzing needle and 3..2..1… 

I remember thinking the first 10 seconds, this isn’t IT yet, It can’t be. Shurley the pain is going to get so much worse. But it wasn’t… “this is it!?” I asked.  “Yes, that’s it! Its actually get easier as I move towards your wrist!” WOW, What a relief! Feels a bit like sharp scratching. This didn’t hurt at all! It took no more than 20 minutes and than it was all done. Not a drop of blood or wound fluid had spilled. It looked sharp and dry. Even the redness wasn’t so bad. And I never was happier with a birthday gift!

Now 2 days later I still find myself looking at it and being so completely content with it. So happy I had to wait because now I have all 3 names in it. If I hadn’t had to wait until my breastfeeding days where over I would probably have done just the first name and later two separate tattoos with every new baby name. What I like about this one now is that what I thought would be just a cool design turned out to be a timeline. One continuous line, their names all connected. It’s perfect! Everything came together and I’m loving it!

LOVE it!

Thanks, Michiel for making the reservation and tanks mom for sponsoring half of it for my B-day, and last but not least thanks to Manon from LeNou Tattoo for doing an awesome job!

And to my three baby girls, Miley, Haley & Quinn, I love you forever, just like this tattoo.
Want to see the end result!? scroll down to see the rest of the photo series.

Love,  Jolanda


Going to Amsterdam

Let’s go to Amsterdam!

We will go and have a drink at the docs. (at Pllek) I will hold you close until you will feel secure enough to explore a bit.

I will drink my tea, with some honey and we will sit by the fire…
And then you will run through the cafe like you own the place.
Of course, it will be totally exhausting running after you the whole time. but I don’t mind.

Then I will wrap you up high and warm up against me and we will take the ferry to the central station.
We are feeling tiny and light, passing people by left and right through the rushing crowds trying to board the fairy. And well be watching the water and buildings pass as we cuddle all the way there.

Ah Amsterdam
So many intriguing people, all different shapes and sizes, all going different places, living different lives.

We will wander around a bit, maybe do some window shopping, and we will be all alone while being surrounded by so many others. Standing still, watching everyone rushes through their daily routine.

So glad to have you so close to me in my arms.
This is the city, my love. Is’nt it magical!?

  Jolanda, Michiel,
Miley Haley & Quinn

Music in this video is by:
Meydän –

Babywrap is from: We are Wovens – Boots are from: H&M – 
Blue fauxfur coat from:  Zara – Big floppy hat from: H&M –  Orange vest: Pull and bear – Flower dress: Pull and bear

Bohemian roomtour – Urban Jungle

Eclectic Urban Jungle

Take a look in our Bohemian styled home. We have created an urban jungle filled with beautiful plants, macrame, flower wreaths, vintage finds, artwork and carefully selected and styled toy corner for our kids.

You can find our previous roomtour here:

We hope you like it! If you do, please make sure to let us know in the comments and subscribe to our channel!

  Jolanda, Michiel,
Miley Haley & Quinn

Music in this video is by:
Meydän –


The masterplan!

So if you follow me on Instagram or if you read my blog post about that Curveball, you maybe know we hit a rough spot last December. Things were looking a bit grim.
Things needed to change.

So like our chalkboard says:   – JUST BREATHE! –

Never the less, staying positive and trusting that everything would be ok was my number one priority.
And It might just be that faith was pushing us in the right direction after all!
We did a lot of soul searching, brainstorming with family, friends and some dear followers on Instagram, and a LOT of talking with my love and partner in crime Michiel.
And then we had a big EURIKA moment… It was SO CLEAR! Why didn’t we see this before, it was right there under our noses! All the pieces of the puzzle fell in to place. 

So here it is…We are officially launching our new service of CREATIVE CONTENT CREATION.

So from now on, the kind of video’s and photography productions we are making for our blog, Instagram, our vlogs and our wedding couples with LuminantWeddings are now also available for brands and other influencers.

We can make some beautiful content for any brand, product or service with our signature style and quality! Tailored to your needs! In the past, we already have made some beautiful content for brands as: 

Preview of the new website:
(the blog text will continue under the images)


Preview of the new website:


We are ready to turn our full attention to doing more of these projects! Go to
for more info Or send me a message through our contact form.

We have more going on! 

This is just one of the changes we made to evolve as professional creatives while doing what we are good at and love to do! Aside from taking on these projects, we are active in these things:

Wild & BOHO!
Well Duh! We will keep on writing and creating content here on Wild & Boho!
While this didn’t start out as a form of income, it certainly became one along the way.
As always we will keep on sharing our stories, photography, and videos.
We spend a lot of our time on creating this content to share and inspire, so we are so grateful that some beautiful brands with respect for nature and people have asked us to collaborate with them.
Because of them, it is possible for us to spend more hours on our blog and create more content to share with you guys! So we will definitely keep that going!

Shop our Interior
Maybe you have noticed the shopping cart icon on the website… We are looking at creating a small line of art, and other personal made or vintage found items and seeds from our garden to sell here! So that way you can shop our interior and garden!  We will be launching the webshop somewhere at the end of this month or beginning of February.

Searching for the perfect job!
We are entrepreneurs for 14 years now but never say never… We are since half December applying to some vacancies at awesome companies with flexible hours and creative positions. We only apply to inspiring jobs that allow us to continue our own ambitions and challenges us to help them grow and develop our own skills in a nice team with wonderful co-workers! And who knows, with the right kind of conditions one of us might start working somewhere at a new job.

Luminant Weddings
We have been doing weddings fulltime now for the last 5 years. Doing weddings is incredibly inspiring, but its also very hard work. And now it’s time to broaden our horizon.  We still absolutely love to do weddings, we want to keep on being Inspired and have less pressure of so manny wedding day’s and thousands of photo’s to select and edit in just 6 months of the year. We want to go from doing 18 wedding a year, down to a maximum of 9 weddings a year. That makes our season of 2019 half full now. We still have room for 4 more wedding couples. This way we can focus more on these few weddings and have less stress and pressure to deliver all the images and video’s on time. And therefore we will be happier and more creative in everything we do. Less is more!

But first and foremost:

Do you know someone who could use some new awesome content!? Spread the word!

Jolanda, Michiel
Miley, Haley & Quinn


Blog post: Jolanda Marti
Photography: Michiel Fook

Alternative Christmas tree

We made an alternative Christmas tree this year!


This is why we went for an alternative, breaking tradition, and how we made it!   No need to kill a tree for us to feel the Christmas vibes this year. Besides from the awesome looks of our Christmas piece de resistance, we had a little more thoughts and philosophy behind it.

Growing speed of a Christmas tree.

A Christmas tree is a living thing that has to grow for 7 to 11 years to reach a height of 2 meters (that’s +/- 6,5 feet tall). Only to be cut down and to be used as disposable decoration for a few weeks during the holiday season!

Did you know the oldest tree in the world is a Christmas tree? Its located in Sweden and is 9550 years old! Yes, that’s right… nine-thousand-five-hundred-and-fifty years old.
This tree was already around before humans had formed a civilization and us as a human species where still figuring out how to transition from a nomadic hunting & gathering species to a farming species. And it watched us evolve into the beings we are today.

Every Christmas tree had the potential to be hundreds of years old. But we find it necessary to give it 10 years of life before disposing of it because we find it  “a nice tradition” I’m finding it such a waste. there is nothing build with the wood, its just decoration. And traditions evolve.

“the tree survived the horror… Will you yank it out of the ground again the next year!?

And so for the last 3 years, I’ve bought a tree with roots, and after Christmas, I’ve tried to save it for the next year. And I’ve failed 3 times in a row. So depressing, my baby tree just gave in every single time.

I know it’s possible to get a christmas tree to stay alive in the full ground, but I never managed to get it to survive until the next year. There are so many things that can go wrong… The tree lost a big portion of its roots because we pulled it out of the ground and often a big portion breaks or is just cut off when harvesting the trees. Moving the tree from the forest/Christmas tree farm to storage, to the place where you buy it, to your home where it’s way too hot for the tree (If the tree stands too close to a radiator of a fireplace It probably won’t make it through the holidays anyway. Make sure to keep the roots moist at all times.

And finally, you move it to the garden. Where the temperature difference is another shock on top of the damage the tree has suffered. Once planted in the ground you will have to wait and see what happens. Its possible the tree won’t survive a hot summer because of the lack of roots it will easily dry out. No wonder I never succeeded. It is possible to get it right. but the chances you will succeed are not really big.

Once you’ve succeeded… And the tree survived the horror and is standing happely in the ground for a whole 11 months… Will you yank it out of the ground again the next year!? Aside from that, it’s really hard to pull a tree out of the ground with most of the roots intact. Especially without some heavy eqipment. But would you!? I think I wouldn’t… So? Planting a new tree in the garden every year didn’t felt like a good option. So This year I’ve tried something new…

-“We decorated it with lights and a selection of my favourite tree decorations in White, wood and koper. “

This spring we braided big hoops out of the pruned twigs of our willow tree. We let them dry and I use them as wall decoration combined with flowers.
I stick fresh flowers in-between the braided twigs until they form a nice composition and let them dry.

So when Christmas came I decided to take a few branches from our huge pine-tree in our backyard and braided that into my hoop to make an alternative Christmas tree for this year. We decorated it with lights and a selection of my favorite tree decorations in White, wood, and copper.
And we totally love how it turned out!

All the advantages to this masterpiece apposed to a “real tree”:
-It’s taking up less space in our little home (BIG WIN)
-I’ve used real pine-branches, so it actually smells like Christmas.
-It’s less expensive
-The kids or cat can’t reach it with their playful little paws.
-It has a real stylish minimalistic look but has still all the Christmassy vibes.
-You don’t have to waste a tree that has been growing for 8 years.

Once I posted a picture on Instagram I’ve got so many lovely reactions! So I’m glad some of you got inspired to do things a bit different this year!

-“This Christmas tree will be back next year in a new composition.“-

And now The new year has come, and it feels like a fresh start. Same us, but a whole new year like a black slate for us to write our story!
Anyway, I’m feeling the need to start this new year in a clean home… I’m packing up all the Christmas decorations and getting new flowers or maybe some nice grasses to braid into a new “winter” themed hoop. 

This Christmas tree will be back next year in a new composition. Maybe I’ll make a DIY tutorial vlog with it!? Who knows…

Hope everyone of you had a great Holliday!

Love,  Jolanda

Blog by: Jolanda Marti Photography: Michiel Fook

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